Saturday, May 28, 2011

Naked Plankers????..... Bonkers I'd Say....

Just get yourself as stiff as a board Dhaaarlings
And get an admirer take a photo of you in an amusing position or place

Princess so wanted to become famous... Emulating the above pose
 I'd even wrangled a houseboy for the occasion Dhaarlings...

what do you think?....

Back Story "Here"

Meet Eliza "Here"


  1. You know it will most likely work on some girls!

    l'amour; l'amour...

  2. I very much like the description of Eliza's location "near the brewery, you can't miss her".

  3. Shouldn't we see some plank hanging down?

  4. Dear Wally
    Sad but true I'm afraid...

    Dear Mr Mago
    Where else in Aus would you expect to find a fine specimen of Aussie womanhood but at a brewery, quite often shitfaced and semi nekkid!?

    Dear Boxer
    Thanks for calling by....

    Dear Hayward
    The swan river can be very cold at this time of year... which possibly explains the lack of plank.