Monday, May 2, 2011

Monday Haiku.... Song.

This weeks Monday Haiku Theme is set by Birthday Girl "Moi"... over at "Bite the Apple" 

 Winner of last weeks enormously popular visual haiku over at "Chickory's" barnyard, with all those wonderfully "Chooky" inspirations...

This week after some initial confuzzlement and further clarification from Host "Troll" over at "Troll Stroll" the theme for this week is

 "Haiku inspired by participants' favorite song lyric. 

Anything goes except full on plagarism of full 

sentence, phrase, or lyric."

I think I've got it....and here is my attempt for this week...

Outside and rain falls
Curative stroll for troubles?
No, just wet through now...

Have a great week...


  1. Good morning Princess,

    Nice turn at the end.

    Next time remember your raincoat so you don't catch a cold.

  2. Very nice. Once again, you're proving yourself a contenda! Thanks again for playing.

  3. cynical you! but damn this makes me crave a chili dog and shake. Good Luck! and happy HM!

  4. Dear Princess, I am ready to follow you nearly anwhere, but please accept my heartfelt beg for pardon - I have no damn idea about haiku poetry whatsoever.
    Just saying.

  5. I was overcome with nostalgia listening to that tune. My mother had it on a compilation tape, every Saturday morning without fail, she'd play it whilst doing the housework. Thank you Princess, it's strange how music evokes the past.

    If my memory serves me right the next song on the tape was:

    Mariners on long sea voyages
    Safely arrive home
    To fuck Pet clarke

  6. Great haiku. don't think I'd heard this tune before.