Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Colour Your Day...

What colour is Your Day Dhaaarling?

Mine has been cold damp and Grey...


  1. Bright & sunny, I planted pink and periwinkle petunias yesterday...
    A nice spring in New York this year

  2. I was feeling brown this morning but it's lifting to a taupe colour now, still a bit dull isn't it? But then maybe that's a reflection of my personality.

    Perhaps after a little listen to this your grey will turn into a lovely rosy glow.

  3. Mine was pretty bright. An old friend came visiting, we sat on a terrazza and gossipped over a nice brown beer.

  4. Hi Wally

    Pink and periwinkle blue sound such a lovely combination and petunias look good any where. I did a massive planting here one year. They look fab in full bloom.

    Oh Mitzi
    You have cheered me up. This was the theme song when a company called AWA released their Colour Telly's back in the 70's. Petulia's song was a real hit! You can colour my world!

  5. Dear Mr Mags
    That sound like a wonderful way to spend an entertaining afternoon... gossiping with old friends

  6. Erm... mine has been black and white... I am working in monotone...

  7. This morning was all bright and green because I was in the big pine forest in Southeast Texas. Back in Austin now, where it's all brown and droughty!

  8. I think I commented here. Sorry, I'm lost.

  9. Oh Hai Xl
    Greens Nice... Brown... not so...

    Can't you just divert some of all that water from the big'ol Mississippi over your way?

    I hear they have more than enough to spare at the moment...

    My dear Mr Mags

    You certainly did leave a comment here the other day and I did reply to you saying how lovely it must have been to catch up with an old friend gossiping over a beer or two!

    In the meantime Blogger had some sort of global meltdown shutting access to all for about a day or so while the guru's "Fixed the market" .. I mean "Fixed the problem".

    Subsequently it seem that comments posted just prior to the "Glitch"
    have been eaten by the cyberspace monster.

    during this time I was unable to access my account or indeed blogger in any format. So One could not even put up a new post to explain the situation.
    I hope that this explanation has helped you to find your way again....

  10. Wally and Mitzi
    I had replied to both of you with your comments saying how lovely a combination of pink and periwinkle Petunias will be in your garden Wally and I mentioned how your link Mitzi made me laugh as it was Petulia's song that launched colour telly here in oz in the 70's by a company called AWA. But they too long with Mr Mag's initial comment have gone poof!
    Blogger can be a real fuck up at times.....

  11. Hey honey

    I'm sorry that your week has been peppered with grey.

    I'm sending you bright pink and sparkly hugs, just for your own self.

    Mwhaa gorgeous!!!

  12. Hello there Roses

    Thank you darling... and thank you for the book! I did a thank you post for you Here

    It is quite the funny read!