Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Thank You Roses...XOXOXO

Hello Dhaaarlings...


Do any of you remember the "Song title with the word "Rain" in it" Competition 

back in March over at "Journeying" with the lovely "Hostess with the Mostess" 

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 Well..... Roses came through with a much coveted prize... A Book! 

"Stuart.. A life Backwards" by the author Alexander Masters.
As part of World Book Night UK. (Bringing Free Literature to the masses!)

Which eventually having received so many copies... decided to give them away to anyone that wanted one really... a lovely idea in itself..

But guess what? 

Today a parcel marked "Royal Mail"...Arrived with much fanfare and ceremony as is often the case here at "The Palais" when one receives mail


 (How did the postal service know that I am a Princess?)

And inside I discovered this...

A delightful card, a most appropriate drink coaster, and my own very special copy of the much coveted book!

It is such a shame in a way that after reading the book I will be leaving it in a public place for some unsuspecting passer-by to have a read of! I suspect that I could pass it on to a friend tho. I really love the whole idea of circulating books for free around the globe. 
I just hope the person that gets it after me will register on line so that the organisers can continue to track the book and it's travels.

But hell... I'm keeping the coaster and the card!

Thank you Roses Darling for all the effort you have gone to...

It has been a torrid time around here of late, so this was just a nice surprise to come home to.

Mwaaah to you my Darling...


  1. Roses is such a sweetheart! She sent me a book and card as well.

    I am keeping the big-assed stamp as a souvenir of the royal wedding.

  2. What a well travelled book!

  3. Congratulations Princess! Has it been well fingered?

  4. Disco balls ... ?

  5. Glad you like your package!

    I had such fun choosing cards and when I saw that coaster, I just knew who that was for.