Monday, May 30, 2011

Monday Haiku

Last weeks winning "Hobbyist" was Cat Wrangler "Pam" and thanks again to "Moi" for hosting and her wonderful appraisal and writeup of entries for last week.

This week "Troll" having done with the Rapture is back hosting or Maybe it's "Moi" again so head on over to both houses to work out where to leave your entry to play...

This weeks theme is...


Here is My entry...

High heeled and lipsticked
Can I be such a cliche?
You betcha Dhaaarling...


  1. Red or pink? I've been struggling for years to find a red that works and I think I just have to stick to pink. Loves me some leopard, though.

  2. Yes, but you're a cliche worth being.

  3. Most definitely pink Dear Moi

    The Grand Empress always said that there were only three appropriate times to wear "Red Lippy"

    Only by a married woman in the privacy of her boudior...

    Young Lasses out to catch a man...


    Ladies of the night "plying their trade darling"...

    Tho God bless her soul... I doubt that she even owned a lippy let alone a red one... I never saw her wearing makeup of any sort that i can ever recall... unless of course it was applied on those "Special" occasions in the privacy of the boudior. Tho She and the Grand Emperor did have separate bedrooms.

    Why Thank you again Dear MJ
    They are still working their magic... by that I mean still holding my arse off the footpath....

    Dear Miss Scarlet

    Such kind words... I'm looking all racoonish now...
    *wipes tear from eye and blows nose loudly into lace handkerchief*

  4. loverly in cat fur. I never wear animal prints. worried that I cant back that up. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrheherhahaha. I do wear a red lipstick, but very faintly - more like a stain. Its just enough to bump up my own natural lip color.
    Nice Haiku! Good Luck.

  5. Dear K9
    How lovely of you to pop over to "The Palais"
    I missed Hitchcock week and have just read your writeup! Fantastic!!!
    It says yes to me on so many levels.
    I have always been intrigued by that movie... I always remember my grandmother announcing an a menacing way..."The birds are gathering" as we would watch hundreds of starlings settling on the power lines... It wasn't until many years later when i saw the movie that I realized what she'd been on about!

    Happy Haiku Monday!

  6. Hmmm. Well, you might be a walking cliche but I'd bet you're NEVER boring.

    Nice haiku!

  7. Thanks For Calling by Troll

    I think that ennui would have quite a difficult time finding you too!

  8. Princess: I am on the fence about your haiku ... high heels and lipstick is a cliche, but somehow I think it isn't for you. Hmmmmm. This is a tough week!

  9. Hi Pam

    Welcome to "The Palais"

    Fence sitting is quite welcome around here.

    Most of my life has been one big cliche!

    Square pegs in round holes
    Trying to be who I wasn't
    Finally finding me

    I just realized that my comment to you is in the form of a haiku...
    Is it too late to enter this one too? :~)