Monday, May 23, 2011

Haiku Monday

The Scrumptious Moi over at "Bite the Apple" Is back hosting Haiku Monday 

this week. The last winner was Karl at "Karl's Korner" who is providing  the prize for this weeks winner...

This weeks theme is...


Here are some of mine...

Patchwork Quilting...

fabric pieces, cut and sewn
Masterpiece complete


Making Jams and Preserves

wash peel core and slice
fill syrupy jar and seal
mouthwatering wait


 Figs gently simmered
add sugar and turn up heat
Cool... lashings of jam


  1. I like the quilty pix and poem!

  2. Fantastic haiku and great pictures.

    They don't look like hobbies to me, they look yummy!!!

  3. Well, you certainly know how to keep a girl warm and fed. If you ever need a home in England... I have a laden blueberry bush, if you're interested.

  4. A warning that Miss Scarlet's bush is unruly.

  5. Quilting! What a fantastic hobby and art. I think that's my favorite too, but I also know you love your canning so I was glad to see and read more about why.

    Happy Haiku Monday!

  6. Whenever I visit Princess, there is the distinct threat of leaving hungry!

    Oh hai everybody!