Thursday, June 16, 2011

Aus...tra.. liana....


  1. it never ceases to amaze me just how HUGE your country is! xoxoxoxo

  2. Dear
    MJ... Sadly at the moment you can only look but not touch!...

    Savannah we are not quite as big as the USA. I think Alaska just gets you over the line!

    We only manage to populate the east coast and south east corner and south west corner of the west coast. the bulk of the central area consists of salt bush plains and desert. Very hostile country!

  3. I wish I could call Australia home.

  4. Down Under!
    If we both start digging we could meet up in the middle.

  5. I love your names such as Wagga Wagga, Wollongong,Kalgoorlie-Boulder and Ballrat. Sounds so charming as is Kangaroo Island.

  6. I always thought Ballarat would be a fictional place. It is named in some Sherlock Holmes and in Edgar wallace stories. It's always a place where something sinister had happened and in merry olde england the results show up. Usually in form of a dead body.

  7. Dear

    Hold on to that dream...It is what i refer to as a "Pantene" moment... It wont happen over night... but it will happen.

    Miss Scarlet
    Let me know if you spy any of those strange critters with the eyes that light up.

    I'll do a future post of some more
    of our Aussie place names...

    Ballarat was one of our origiinal "Gold Rush Towns" It played a significant role in the development of uniionisation in Australia being the site of our one and only civil revolt. The miners revolted against the government of the time refusing to pay the increase in the price for a mining licence. This resulted in a bloody standoff between both sides with the miners holding out behind a barricade. It became known as the "Ureka Stockade" and is quite infamous down under. I'll do a post about it at a future date.