Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Have Your Vote Count....


Voting so far has been fierce..
Princess would like to remind you all that Voting for our contestants in the

2011 Fabulous Frock Competition

will Close at Midnight Tuesday 14 June 

where ever you happen to be in the World Dhaaarlings..

The winners will be announced at the

"Palais De Steff" Winter Ball

On Thursday 16th June..

And here is what's up for grabs!

"Most Appealing Frock Prize"

"Most Appalling Frock Prize" 

This Tastefully Subtle Cocktail Shaker and Matching Straws...

Our operators are eagerly awaiting your call

Haven't Voted Yet? Go HERE!

I'll see you all with the results on Thursday...


  1. I've prepared my acceptance speech.

    p.s. Check your email.

  2. I am flouncing off in a sulk... and taking my dear doggie with me.

  3. I can't believe that Princess is looking up my frock. The shame!

    Damien and XL have lovely taste in frocks although XL has a very broad taste I must say.

  4. Just don't go clearing your throat too prematurely MJ... Competition is Quite Stiff!

    Dear Miss Scarlet
    Flounce if you must Darling...I'm just thankful that you are taking your little pooch with you... I've been finding little puddles all over "The Palais". Are you sure that your puppy's house trained?

    Dear Petra,
    Imagine my shock at finding Mr Mago hiding neath Damien's skirts and on the same night as him going Greek...
    Besides... I'm only counting Houseboys...