Monday, June 20, 2011

My Favourite Colour...

More of the same but different!

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What is your favourite colour Dhaaarling?


  1. My personal colour is blue :)

    But I can't go past a good rainbow.

    Lovely post dear.

  2. Although blue figures prominently in my personal colour scheme, I love all colours.

  3. I love all the colors too...
    It's to hard to have a favorite, I look best in golds and yellows...

  4. I see life and lights
    all the colours of the world
    So beautiful won't you come with me...

    I love the colour blue too but not for home decor. I know a couple who have painted their door jambs and skirting boards blue, it doesn't look very nice if fact it looks dead common along with their sea grass carpet. Sea grass is okay for a conservatory but for a living room! I'd rather have bare floor boards.

  5. My favourite for a long time was blue. I wore a lot of blue shirts in variations from very light to metal and dark blue.
    I now prefer red and orange. I can not wear green and simply do refuse to wear black, pure white and grey. Wherre I life are no carpets or such, only wooden floors, the walls are plain white but you can not see them anyway because of the wooden book shelves. The few furniture I have are either made from wood or have brown leather on it, so my surroundings is rather dull.

  6. I love turquoise and orange (not together), but can't really pull them off. Baby blue is always a favourite, too.
    If I was ever to get Car resprayed, it'd be in a metallic orange-bronze!