Friday, June 17, 2011

Where's Wally????....


The cause of Designing Wally's delay in getting to Infomaniac HQ?


  1. I'm sure he'll be along, straightening his clothes, looking a bit mussed.

    Has he ever been known for missing cocktails?

  2. Hi Roses
    I don't think he has... but my concerns were raised when he mentioned being caught in a riot!
    I feel more at ease now....

  3. I don't think there's anything that needs "straightening" about Wally.

    This is obviously a case of mistaken identity.

  4. Roses - I heard someone say "molotov cocktail" & I thought it was something new, perhaps something with gin in it, so I stuck around....

    Imagine my surprise upon finding that there are cocktails that one cannot drink.

    It's just wrong.

  5. apparently this is not what it seems, the girl was knocked down and trampled by riot police
    see here

  6. Thanks for the link, Pisces.

    It also says that the guy in the photo is an Aussie!

  7. Hello Pisces Iscariot

    Welcome to "The Palais"

    Thank you for the clarification and the link. It is interesting how things get interpreted/ misinterpreted without knowing the full story... Thank you again and I do like the images and poetry you post at "The Far Queue". I pop over for a little wander around every now and then.

    Dear MJ

    It would appear that it is indeed a case of mistaken identity and fortunately Mr Pisces was able to join the dots for me.

    Regarding Straightening... I for one would concur...

    Dear Wally

    It pleases me that you are well.
    Fancy discovering that there is a cocktail that one can not drink!

    May I offer you a "Mothers Ruin" and tonic to cheer your spirits

  8. Thank you Princess, a Mothers' Ruin & tonic is just what I need...