Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Now Showing at "The Palais"....

Hello Dhaaarlings...

"Joanna Cake" continues to do a wonderful job of hosting
Movie Clip Wednesday 
and this week has come up with a real stumper of a theme.

Flood Scene in a Movie

Princess really had to scratch her head about this one I couldn't recall a movie that I had actually seen that had a flood scene in it. There are other movies with scenes where the character is stuck underwater  or about to drown with water rising all around them...

Like this...

 and although there are movies that have things filling up with water like Titanic 

and Poseidon Adventure 

and a couple with leaking submarines stranded at the bottom of the sea...

I thought... well they really aren't flood movies are they? They are already surrounded by water and just sink really .. or spring a leak at the worst possible moment leading to catastrophe.

While thinking on this theme it occurred to me that most of the worlds cultural
histories make reference in some way shape or form to a great flood that engulfed the world, I mean Moses managed to part the Red Sea (with some divine intervention) and then wipe out a few of the Pharaoh's finest by causing the water to flood their pathway again... Impressive yes... but not exactly a globe engulfing event...So... Finally

 I have decided to go with a movie that I have never see but have found to be quite fascinating while exploring options for this post
This week... and although the film has been removed from "utubers" and other moving picture sites (something to do with copyright)... I have managed to find a few still posters and shots from the 

1928 Michael Curtiz "Silent to Talkie" Movie

Noah's Ark 

Staring Delores Costello and George O'brien

It was a blending of 2 silent movies that Warner's had completed and as it was 1928 when the new genre of talking movies was just starting out they combined the footage from both movies and added a sound track...
Cool huh?

I think it has been re released on video and I would love to get my hands on a copy

(Three people were killed in the shooting of this movie)

You can read a very informative review of the film Here by Matt Page.
the link should take you to his blog.


Oh.. and some footage from a "really truly" flood that happened in January just a few miles up the road from me... We still have water laying in paddocks and people still homeless as a result.

(I hope the link Plays)

And a gratuitous surf video of a lake that is occasionally breeched and allowed to flow into the sea to stop the houses up stream from flooding...

Enjoy Dhaaarlings and have a happy Movie Clip Wednesday


  1. Hope Noah can avoid the fog ...

  2. Flood movies seem to be few and far between. How about The Day After Tomorrow when New York gets flooded (then frozen) and Dennis Quaid (Mmmmmmm....) has to rescue Jake Gyllenhaal (MMMMMmmmmmmmmm....)?

  3. Dear Mr Mago
    Whow's right!

    My scalp is quite raw from all the scratching this week . I do hope that someone told Noah to stay indoors and away from the fog between midnight and 1 am...

    Dear Mr DeVice
    How lovely to see you....
    Yes the genre of flood movies are few and far between.... But I think I managed to reference a few. The day after tomorrow did come up in my... ahem... "extensive research"... both Messrs Quaid and Gyllenhaal.... Mmmmmmmm.
    Lovely eye candy. Alas... there failed to be any "Brokeback Chemistry" happening...

  4. I guess this week's theme really took on some personal meaning for you. That was not my intention when I threw this out to Joanna. You really embraced it though and put together a nice compilation.

    That being said, I remember seeing that episode of Get Smart (and a wet Barbara Feldman - hot) and you found the Poisidon Adventure clip Joanna and I couldn't find (a wet Shelley Winters keeling over with a heart attack - not so hot).

    Happy MCW!

  5. Hi Buzz
    Thank you for your kind words. sometime the things that are close to the bone help to provide inspiration. Not only that, but I decided to get off my butt and do some real looking for a change!
    Thanks again for dropping over!

  6. This is a toughie isn't it? I could also only think of The Day After Tomorrow like Mr Devine.
    I will check out your links as I like old films.

  7. Good morning Princess,

    You put together quite a spread this week. I particularly enjoyed the Get Smart clip.

    I can't believe we blog jinxed on a 1928 film. I have a clip from Noah's Ark.

    That last clip looks like an accident on the way to happen.

    Hope you enjoyed your clip day.

  8. Gosh, Princess, I do apologise if the selection came across as insensitive, it was rather thoughtless of me.

    I am, however, extremely grateful that you found that Shelley Winters clip and am loving the surf clip.

  9. The last vid reminds me of the Eisbach in Munich, a standing wave. There are one or two others in the city.

  10. @ Mago: Where does the water come from that creates the wave and how do the surfers get access to it?

  11. Dear Miss Scarlet
    There is a big flood movie either being released or has already been released about a huge Tsunami/Floodwave that travels up the Thames and wipes out London... Creatively It's called "Flood"
    Starring a whole gamut of Brit Actors with lots of CGI effects. There is a link Here to have a squizz at it if you like.

    Good Morning Karl
    Great minds think alike! And you managed to find a clip! Well done you.... I'm coming over to check it out...

    as for the last clip... it does look a little dangerous for my tastes but then again i'm not a surfer!

    Dear Joanna
    I didn't find the theme insensitive at all so please stop berating yourself darling... It was more of a challenge. And I really enjoyed chasing down the clips to include for this week so thank you.

    My absence for last weeks theme was due to the fact that I have never had an "Ex" or a long term partner for that matter. So I found that theme far more nebulous.... hence my absence...

    Happy MCW!

    Dear Mr Mago

    It is incredible what they can do with a few old water pumps these days... Turning something practical into a leisure activity.. A bit like Sex really....