Monday, June 6, 2011

Fabulous Frock and Annual Winter Ball...

Hello Dhaaarlings....

Do you remember this?

We had such fun.

Well Princess thinks that the time for another Gala Event at The Palais is well and truly overdue....

So it is with the utmost of pleasure that Princess invites you to participate in the

"Palais de Steff"


~oOOo~Annual Fabulous Frock Competition~oOOo~ 

~oO0Oo~ Winter Ball ~oO0Oo~



~oOo~ HOW TO ENTER ~oOo~

I would love for you to send me a picture of a

Frock or Costume/s that you would...

"Most definitely wear"


"Wouldn't be caught dead in"

 to a 

"Winter Ball"

All you have to do is...

Find a picture/s from the interwebs... 

And for previous entrants one preferably... that is different from your last entry/s

Extra Oooh's and Ahhh's will be available to those of you who dare to snap yourself wearing a gown or costume... but there is no need to whip out your 
camera unless you really want to!

Include a little blurb about your outfit and how it appeals or appalls
*some entries may well be self explanatory*

Your Frock can be as hauntingly beautiful, pretty, fetching, flattering, tasteful, tasteless, rude or as disgustingly diabolical as you like.

Competition Rules 

1. Send me a pic/s of your entry/s via the Email address on my profile.
(Or an alternate address that you may have)

You may enter just one of the categories or both.
A prize will be awarded to the outright winner in each category
In the case of a draw in either category Princess will call on 
 "The Empress" 
to cast the deciding vote.

2. Multiple orgasms partners entries are welcome...

And will be numbered accordingly to assist with voting

3. You may not cast a vote for your own Frock/s (Petra)
(Now, that would just not be propper)

4. You may  only vote for ONE entry in each category...
(are you listening Mr XL?)

5. Entries will Close at Midnight Sunday June 12th (Aussie Time) 
So, for most of you that will probably mean some time Saturday your time... I do live in the future Dhaaarlings!
To avoid confusion check the world time clock by scrolling to the bottom of this page...
Once all contenders entries are recieved and collated Princess will post them on the following day.

 Then once again Darlings... followers... lurkers... stalkers  and even the contestants themselves will all be able to judge everyones entries and cast your votes for....

A: "The Most Appealing Frock"

2010 recap...

Savannah's winning gown
MJ's Winning ensemble

Our joint winners from last year...Savannah and Mistress MJ...


B: "The Most Appalling Frock"
Petra's found object...
our "Most Appalling Frock" winner CyberPetra...

So Dhaaarlings...You have your invitation... now 
let your fingers do the walking and get surfing for a fabulous frock...

Remember entries close Midnight Australian EST on Sunday 12th June
Princess will then wrangle the contestants in readiness for the runway show
and voting day...
Winners will then be announced at the Winter Ball...

There will be fabulous stay tuned Dhaaarlings...
I'm so looking forward to having something poked in my slot...


  1. I won't miss this one!
    Gotta go. Lots of shopping to do!

  2. I'm in! I have something completely different in mind for this year!

    Oh Hai Wally!

  3. I'll try my best, dear Princess!

  4. Mistress MJ will send you her winning entry soon.

  5. this time i'm going for a solo prize! *glaring at my darling BBF MJ* xoxoxoox

  6. I have upped the level of fabulosity, Miss Savannah.

    In a costume from YOUR part of the world, no less!

    I'll say no more.

  7. SOOOOOOOOOOOO entering this :)

  8. Miss Scarlet will send you her winning entry soon.
    Oh hello, Mistress MJ!

  9. Dear Wally.
    Get shopping... I can't wait to see what on earth you will come up with...

    Dear XL
    You are having me guessing now.
    Will you be a "Knight in Shining Armour?"
    I have the committee on standby in anticipation....

    Dear Mr Mago

    I am quite sure that you will do your best. I shall have the committee flag your entry with a fanfare on arrival. A Jazz version of course...

    Dear MJ's

    Your entry has been received and forwarded to the organising committee.
    Thank you and good luck.

    You do have a crown to retain but I guess you know that already!!

    Dear Savannah

    I shall look forward to your entry...
    You too my dear have a crown to retain as joint winner with MJ last year...

    *cues sparks*

    Play nice now girls... We don't want a cat fight on the catwalk...
    Or do we?

    Dear MJ

    My you have upped the ante my dear!

    Dear Damien Oz

    Your entry is in the capable hands of the organising committee.
    Thank you and good luck darling...

    Dear Miss Scarlet

    Will you be requiring a ladder this year? I'll have the houseboys "Run" one up for you....
    I shall inform the committee to expect your entry directly.

  10. I have found a solution HERE.
    I will positively glide into a room...

  11. I can't believe I didn't win most fabulous frock. Frock that!

    This year my frock will outfrock all of you frocking entrants. That is, if I make it in time for the deadline. It's not very considering of our fabulously busy Royal schedule of sipping Champagne and eating Petrossian caviar.