Sunday, May 16, 2010

Edna's Problem Probed...

The Trouble With Valmai...

Some Early Edna Possums

for your entertainment...

The bane of Edna's lifetime seems to have been
Her darling daughter 'Valmai'

Whom, it would seem developed into a very troubled soul...
Though Edna would possibly claim that Valmai was just attention seeking in response to her mothers metioric rise to gigastardom...

Edna with Daughter Valmai and dear Friend Gwennyth...

Valmai began to appear on stage with her mother following "madge's" deprture to the other side....

It would seem that she had a very unusual relationship with with her mother in particular along with other members of the clan..

Here is Valmai in her own words...
Taken from a manuscript that she threatened to publish herself as an Expose` of her mothers' "sorded" and rather 'unseemly' past

Poor Valmai... she is so well adjusted...


  1. I am looking to be admitted to the Royal Melbourne Hospice For The Gravely Disturbed since my scheme to be adopted has stalled due to the background check.

  2. Mistress MJ will adopt you, XL.

    p.s. I like the word 'twaddle'

  3. Valmai should count herself lucky that Edna dearest wasn't particular about wire hangers!

  4. Thank god I'm not a mother, and have to put up with brats like that.

    I like that she used "gone bananas", that's a favorite saying of mine.

  5. You're always teaching me Princess. I had no idea who Valmai was until now.

    This clip where Edna interviews K.D. Lang slays me. Valmai is also in this one.

  6. Is that Val Lehman aka Bea Smith from Prisoner Cell Block H?