Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Now Showing at "The Palais".....

Theme for this week May 12th

Best Adaptation of Book to Film

There was only one choice for me this week

I read the book first and was astonished to find that there were "Gay Men" and even "Drag Queens" in The United States of America.

Let alone Georgia!

I instantly fell in love with the characters and their backgrounds, the descriptions of the City and History of Savannah, the quirkiness of it's inhabitants and their "appreciation of a fine libation" and hospitality...

I, having read the book over and over, was extatic when "Dirty Harry" brought it to the big screen.

Was just as I had expected her to be... herself!

And with the charming Messers Cusak... Spacey and very young Jude Law thrown in for good measure found the movie to be just what I had anticipated. a bonus I loved KD Langs rendition of "Skylark" over the opening and closing credits

Having read the book first...
 I felt an immmediate intimacy with the characters as they appeared on screen...
With an understanding of their motives and personal foibles and human frailties...

From this movie I have learned three important life lessons..

1. It is Ok to ask a neighbour for ice at any time of the morning!

And thought that...

2. New Yorkers are crazy folk for not being able to sleep without the background noise of sirens and gun shots!

Oh... and 3. I if you suffer from diabetes....

Don't trust your Houseboy to look after you!


  1. Excellent choice. Savannah is a very beautiful historic city. A bit humid.

  2. hi Xl,
    I did some of this Post as part of a meme a while ago... And Couldn't resist doing an upgrade for MCW.

    One of my all time favourite movies from a book.

  3. i should take some photos for all y'all, sugar! it is my city, after all! ;~D xoxoxoxo

    (having read "The Book" and seen the movie, there are a few discrepancies that still upset a few natives!)

  4. Mistress MJ has a copy of Lady Chablis’ autobiography…Hiding My Candy.

    Oh Hai, XL & Savannah!

  5. Oh yes, an excellent choice that I haven't seen or read in a long time.

    I recall Lady Chablis saying something about white women wanting a black man. And that getting a black man will make you want to write all your checks.

  6. I've been to Savannah! It's a really old city with lots of history and mysteries and good times and wary times. I've been to Club One, where the Lady Chablis performs a show, to packed trolleys of tourists--mostly older, retired couples who flock to Savannah to see the sights from the book! And those old people luved the show!

    And I actually saw Clint Eastwood through a riverfront restaurant window eating dinner during the filming of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil!

    Forsyth Park is huge with all the great trees, the fountain, and loads of people. And there are Spanish moss hanging from all the trees! Not to mention a lot of cemeteries and haunted houses. I remember walking on streets that were really paved over graves! The food is fantastic--seafood and southern soul food meets low country cuisine! But my one of my fave memories is the weeklong St Patrick's Day festivities, where people drink and party and dance down along River street by the Savannah river.

    It's really humid there, that's why they act crazy sometimes and drink a lot and why the iced tea is so sweet (and delicious!).

  7. Oh! oh! Great pick. One of my most favorite books and while I did "enjoy" the movie, it really couldn't do justice to that writing. Savannah is on my list of cities to vist and I'm hoping when I finally make it there, "our" Savannah will help me get the most out of it.

    But I can just say? Kevin Spacey?

    Oh my.

  8. @ Savannah: Your deconstruction of the book/movie vs living there would be fascinating!

  9. Dear Savannah

    Ooooh yes please...
    And see Xl's comment above,I would love the difinitive compare and contrast form an insider ;-)XXX

    Dear MJ

    I want that book! She is "The Doll"

    Dear Hayward

    Love the New Face... you clever soul you!... At first i tought i had commented in my sleep! Then I had a closer look... just fabulous!

    The Doll has all the right words...
    I just love her....

    Dear Eros

    If i'm correct I recall that you have a drink cup or cooler from your stay in Savannah?

    It does sound like a fantastic place to visit.
    Hopefully I will get there one day to explore it myself...

    Dear Boxer

    Mmmmm Kevin Spacey...
    Mmmmm John Cusack...
    Mmmmm Jude Law...
    Need I say more?...

    Dear Xl,

    What a great Idea! The lure is cast...

  10. OMG, you are so right. This is SUCH a good movie. Kymmie will love this choice, must send her over here to comment. Canape?

  11. It looks good. I should watch that sometime - and read the book!

  12. I haven't read the book or watched the film but your write up was a very fine read.

  13. Dear Pam,

    Hello and Welcome to my humble abode...
    Please feel free to call again.
    Mint Julip's all around 'Houseboys get our guests a drink'... And Pam, please feel free to send Kymmie and anyone else over. The more the merrier I always say...
    And Princess always loves a party...

    Dear Pete

    It is a great movie and i think that you would probably enjoy it...
    "The Lady Chablis" is just divine...

    Dear Milk River Madman

    Welcome to The Palais and thankyou for your very nice feedback. I really enjoy MCW.

    I'll call by and check out your post...

    Can my staff get you a cool libation?

  14. Good morning Princess,

    I'm not familiar with the book or the movie. Although, after watching the trailer and reading your post, I think I'll change that. It looks interesting.

    Happy clip day or is it tomorrow there.

  15. Hey There Karl and welcome to my humble abode.
    It's nice to meet a new face especially on MCW.
    I live in the future! So it is Thursday Morning May 13 here in Australia. I tend to have a head start on wednesdays...

    The book and movie are based on a true story which makes it all the more interesting I think... I'll call by Karls Korner and check out your Post...
    thanks for calling by...

  16. Kevin Spacey is a great actor and although it's been a while since I've seen this movie, I still remember a lot of the great cinematography that is Savannah. I was there a couple of years ago (only on a day trip). Just about every shop we went in to had the Savannah Bird Girl statue for sale. The Mrs resisted the urge to buy one.

    Happy MCW!