Saturday, May 8, 2010

Some reading for the weekend....

I love this song but knew absolutely nothing about the artist
Until I read all about her



  1. Nice find. I did not know about her either. Really like the song.

    Hope you are having an enjoyable weekend.

  2. Hi Xl,
    It's Mothers day in Aus.
    Taking the empress on a royal tour of family today. Will be good to catch up with the latest edition to the clan his 3 big sisters and besotted parents...

    I'm guessing it shall be an adventure....

  3. The song is good, but I don't know her either. I may have seen her name somewhere but never cared to look into what she did.

    Now I know.

  4. Hi Pete,

    have you made a purchase yet?

    I always wanted to know who this singer was as she still gets a fair bit of airplay here.

    I find it is intresting to search out history and back catalogues of singers or musicians that speak to me, but sometimes sad to learn of their demise and circumstances surrounding them...

    Enjoy your Weekend....

  5. Or they were a one hit wonder. I've found that quite a bit.

    I made my purchase, and will be posting about it later tonight or maybe tomorrow.

  6. Good find! I haven't heard this song in a long while, and it's a fun one! I didn't know much about the artist, so thanks for the info link. It's sad what happened to her.

    There used to be a local radio station (one of many) that used to play mostly world/international music from all over. It was a great station and they played this song among other faves. But then they got bought out by a larger corporation who thought they'd make more money by changing the format to country music. There are all ready 3 country stations in the area, so we didn't really need a 4th one. Eventually, the station was off the air. I was pissed to lose a good radio station because of some greedy idiot behind desk who wanted more money than appreciate what they had. I haven't found a good international radio station since.

  7. I have her greatest hit "Galore" from 1995. What a terrible tragedy, decapitation by a playboy's speeding boat as her two young children watched.

  8. @ Eros: Have you tried Internet radio? Thousands of stations of all kinds available. For free.

    You can play them on your computer or via a dedicated Internet radio.

    For example, I often listen to station 3AW from Melbourne. You can find it at for example.

  9. Great song, great artist.

    Great choice to put up here.

  10. Oh yes that's a good one! Thank you Princess for sharing.

  11. @XL, Thanks for the tip. I do use internet radio at work sometimes. I just never think to use it at home!