Monday, May 17, 2010

Princess gets Physical...

Some brief entertainment for your enjoyment

A walk down memory lane perchance?

Get em out Girls!
Head bands and leg warmers that is....


  1. Jane Lynch is brilliant. She had me at Best In Show!

  2. Dear XL.
    She was terrific in that movie...
    I loved it too.

  3. It's Sandra Dee and Glee!!!!

    Olivia Newton John looks good. Jane Lynch is awesome. This is a fun vid.

  4. I don't think I ever put my leg warmers away...

  5. I think those fellas are waiting for the ladies to leave the room.

  6. I like th original sing better but the lads are fine. And I think MJ is right.

    I'd like to see what goes on in the locker room. Will you show that in your next post?

  7. And then there's Sophie Ellis-Bextor's version...

  8. What a mess IDV. Love her but that is not good, although it's an original take on the song.

  9. Love, love, love Jane Lynch and Glee. This was a great episode.

    Thanks for the nice breaky to watch this... it's been a long day,.

  10. Dear Eros

    Livvy is holding up well, Jane is just good value. I was'nt a Glee Fan until i actually sat down and watched it. I'm hooked...

    Dear Scarlet

    Your back Dhaaarling! How marvelous to see you..
    they are very suitable attire, I don't understand why they ever went out of fashion.

    Dear MJ

    I think you may well be right Dear Mistress, they do seem keen to hit the lockers... or on each other...

    Dear CP

    Perhaps if you are a very good boy i might just post a from the locker room...

  11. Dear IDV

    Sorry but I grew up on Olivias Version... All others pale into insignificance... but then there is always this..

    Dear Boxer

    Glad to be able to provide you with some light entertainment...

  12. Jesus Christ on a cracker, can't ANY one sing without that dang annoying auto tune? Surely Jane Lynch's voice isn't THAT bad?! argh.....