Friday, May 28, 2010

I hope you don't mind....

Hello Dhaaarlings...

 I hope you don't mind, but I entered your name in a draw For a 7 Night cruise along the mighty MURRAY RIVER

It's on the fabulous new "Murray Belle", have you ever heard of it?

All fares, transfers, food and drinks are included.
Upper deck for 1st Class Passengers
For one evening only-

Dinner at the Captain's table, as his personal guest.

Good luck, I hope you win!

'The Murray Belle' is shown below...........

Your first night's meal promises to be scrumptious,
Featuring  'Fillet of Murray Cod'...

Murray Cod...

Murray Cod Fillets..


Murray and Cod...
Great local produce and Wines to die for, with all you can eat...

Like 'Boiled Murray Cray'...

And Yabbys by the bucket load...

Boy, we wish we were going with you...

If you win, make sure to send pictures, especially of the

Famous.. 'Muddy Midnight Skinny Dip'

With your hostesses Tracey and Shazza


Since you may well be in the first class suite, you will have
 a balcony view with the finest facilities.

Good Luck Dhaaarlings!

Personally I like the thought of Skinny Dipping....

Don't you?....


  1. "the thought of Skinny Dipping"

    Yes, of course. BUT. With all of those crocs down there, I'll think I have to pass!

  2. Erm... I am fully booked up with treatments to perform at the Infomaniac House of Beauty. I really can't let my clients down so I'm afraid I'm going to have to pass on this one. Thanks though, for thinking of me.

  3. thank you, sugar! but given uh, my current travel constraints, it is transferable, right? y'all can take my place, ok, sugar? xoxoxox

  4. Well, I for one am thrilled at the prospect of winning a cruise on the Murray Belle. I love skinning dipping...incidentally do Tracey and Shazza skinny dip cuz... : (

    How about the Cap’n... : )

  5. I would like to use Ayem8y's arse as my personal flotation device.

    And I must say I'm thrilled that Miss Scarlet is back at the Infomaniac House of Beauty after being unfairly whisked away to The Mean Dirty Pirate Leprosarium.

  6. Well, I for one certainly like the looks of that Captain. And I wouldn't mind being an audience at the skinny-dipping...

  7. I have a bag packed and ready. For free booze and hot ass you could tow me along back on an inner tube.

  8. Ah, wines of Australia - unexplored land of adventure! I'd like to interview Capt'n Rackham the Red. Thanky, dear Princess, I happily take part in this trip!

  9. "Thanky" - heavens: Thank you - I need a second coffee ...

  10. Eat with the staff! Are you mad?

  11. Mago "Thanky"

    *I like "Thanky" sounds more like a pirate trying to be polite*

  12. I wish I could but I don't want to.

    The skinny dipping looks nice though.

  13. Mmmmm! By the looks of Tracey and Shazza, the food is mighty tasty! I'm packing sunscreen for the trip! It's getting real hot up these parts; river tubing would be great way to cool down.

  14. Dear Xl
    Fortunately Crocs do not dwell in the south, and the Murray River is a croc free zone. It is also our largest river, Starting in southern Queensland, flowing through NSW and Vic forming most of the border between these two states then flowing on through South Australia then emptying out into the Southern Ocean...So feel free to disrobe and take the plunge.

    Dear Scarlet
    I do understand your busy schedule at the Infomaniac House of Beauty, you must have a huge backlog of customers. I only hope that you had time to put your butter sticks back in the fridge before your sudden incarceration at the MDP Leprosorium...Rancid butter can be quite unseemly...

    Dear Savannah
    I know that you do have a lot on your plate at present... Should your name be drawn i'd be happy to bring back a "Doggie bag" of yabbies for tour enjoyment...

    Dear ayem8ty
    I believe that Shazza and Tracey lead the event... and perform a double striptease on the upper deck before plunginig like rocks into the water... Guests not participating are reminded to wear their wet weather gear to avoid a soaking from the backsplash...I believe that the captain can be encouraged to participate for a small fee...

    Dear MJ
    I was unaware that ayem8ty's arse doubled as a flotation device. Is it constructed from rubber?
    It must be a comfort to have Miss Scarlet back working again...
    Might i suggest the you observe her very closely for any unwanted effects from her recent incarceration. Bits dropping off mid treatment could be most distasteful...

    Dear Leah
    Do make yourself comfortable in one of our riverbank obsevation platforms. Sofas and night goggles are supplied for your voyeuristic pleasure...

  15. Dear Hayward
    Apparrently we can use Ayem8y's arse as a flotation device according to Mistress MJ... jump on and we can throw you a rope..

    Dear Mago
    I thought that you were throwing in your hat to become our captain there for a moment. More coffee is prescribed. (See ayem8ty's comment below) and your appology is accepted...

    Dear Mitzi
    I believe that dinner with the captain is optional although I have heared that he does a marvelous bechemel sauce...

    Dear CP
    Go on... take the Plunge...

    Dear Eros
    We are apparrently utilising
    ayem8ty's arse for a flotation device... so feel free to join the queue for a rubber ring ride.

  16. Erm... I can't remember where I'm supposed to be...
    I thought Mr Pirate was shown to have caused the leprosy outbreak because of evidence showing that he waved IVD's warty wand in Boxer's vodka fountain hence making everybody's bits fall off.
    So I'm free to practice my beauty treatments... aren't I?


    Or have I lost the plot?!

  17. Oh hello Scarlet

    Is the backlog of clients getting to you Dharling?... you sound a little flustered...
    Tell the pushy Bitches all to wait their turn like everyone else...

    Reminding them that they are not special until you make them feel special might just do the trick...

    Now...stop all that worrying, you hav'nt lost the plot Dharling...I think I have though...

    But as you are here, why not take a little break and line up with the rest of us for a ride on Mr Pirate's inflatable arse...It looks like so much fun...

  18. Well, I wouldn't mind a trip in the (hopefully) watertight Murray Belle - As long as one gets a choice of waiting staff. I'll have the one on the left in the bottom picture, please!