Thursday, April 7, 2011

Another Satisfied Customer?.....

Hello Dhaaarlings...

Princess was gobsmacked... Yes I know... I usually prefer a Bitch Slap... but I digress...

Out and About the other day whilst wandering the "interwebs"

 I noticed that "The Hair Hall Of Fame" was having a salute to the Nude Nuts of the World.... 

Imagine my delight when I spied a certain celebrity that I recognised that had recently got the Full Works from one of the delightful and uniquely talented stylists over at THHOF...

Princess couldn't resist the opportunity to interview Ms O'Connor and get her reaction to the new look she now sported. 

This is her open and frank response Dhaaarlings...

Another satisfied customer from  "THHOF"


  1. Ista canora spectare Miss Scarlet ovo

  2. I love Gina Riley do you know if they are doing any more Kath and Kim I'm getting withdrawal symtoms.

  3. Haaah!
    That's what she gets for trying to go ultra-platinum...

  4. She's getting to look more and more like the Pope.

  5. His Holyness never had hair problems, sister MJ.

  6. Mitzi Darling,

    Sadly...Kath and Kim have been put to bed... No talk of a reprisal or another series. They managed 2 series ending with Kim's daughter "Epphonneyh Ray's" wedding... (played by Kylie Minogue)

    They sold the rights to an American Network who did in their usual attempt at adapting foreign comedic art forms into an absolute incomprehensible botch job.

    I watched the first 5 minutes of the much anticipated and media hyped release of the American attempt here and turned it off.
    The network here ran 2 episodes then pulled it!

    That is how woeful it was...

    Hey Wally

    Peroxide left in for too long can be a bitch!

    Dear MJ

    The likeness is just uncanny...

    Dear Mago

    He Didn't? Oh yes... I read that in a writ somewhere....