Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Now Showing at "The Palais"....

Movie Clip Wednesday is again Hosted by Boxer  Who seems to be undergoing some site renovations and redevelopment at the moment...  I popped over to check out the theme for this week just to make sure I had it right... to find that the MCW shingle was not in sight... None the less I'm hoping that my memory isn't failing me and this weeks theme is...

"Favourite Movie Set in Outer-space"

A very topical theme.... given that this week is the anniversary of 
Russian Cosmonaut
Yuri Gagarin's first journey into space.

Just a quick spin in a rocket around the globe was enough to kick off the space race.

I remember seeing this movie in my childhood... sat in front of the old Black and White TV... And some of the scenes frightened the willies out of me.
After this experience I was 5 or 6 years old I think
It was many years before I could watch a movie set in outer space again.
(I think it was Star Wars)

But imagine my amusement when searching for this movie and discovering the trailer to find that it was actually filmed in colour! For all these years I'd had only Black 'n White memories...The little mock up sets look so cute, the special effects made me giggle especially the laser guns.. and even the acting has it own flavour of melodrama and camp when seen through adult eyes.

To my amusement I also found the Theme Track which was released as a song...Not Quite a Bond chart topper or classic but a theme song never the less. All that 60's romance...

And I think it also helps to explain my later fascination with

Uranus (Your/ay/nus)

Princess Presents for your entertainment...


(Clikerate on the title to go read more about the movie)

And now.... for a little musical interlude...

Happy Movie Clip Wednesday....


  1. Seventh Planet Beauties! Heroic Astronauts! Glazing eyes and popping eyes and stand-still hearts! What's not to love? Happy MCW!

  2. Oh, nicely done! Sorry for the confusion about the theme. I think MCW will be going on hiatus unless there's someone (like Princess?) who like to host. Thank you for playing I always like your picks.


  3. I love the old 50s and 60s scifis with the astronauts wearing coveralls all the time. And I'm sure Boxer was going for the whole tribute to Yuri Gagarin with this week's theme.

    I was reading some recently unclassified stories on that mission and it seams old Yuri was more concerned about the food he had on board then anything else. I never realized he died in a MIG training flight 7 years after his space flight. He was 34.

    Happy MCW!