Friday, April 1, 2011

Meet the Newbie's....

Hello Dhaaarlings...

The new inmates have arrived at the asylum
Remember how I was talking about getting another Siamese Fighting fish
to give the new house guest "Mr Finn" some company?

Well... today was the day to visit the pet shop an you may find this very difficult to believe but...

I just couldn't help myself Dhaaarlings...

 I game home with not One but Two new fish to join in all the merriment at the Palais

I must say that... "Mr Finn"... Became quite excited on seeing the new arrivals
and insisted on demonstrating his dominance of the environment

One of the new chums is reddish in colour with iridescent blue fins...
and occupies the black lidded tank....

The other... is iridescent blue with blue green fins
and makes his home in the white lidded tank

Both appear to change colour in differing light...
 It's quite mesmerising to watch them all as they gracefully float about their tanks

The newbie's don't have names as yet... 

That will be a task for the nieces on their next visit 

They all seem to be settling into their high rise apartment swimmingly...

And there is room for two more tenants!


  1. They are beautiful.

    I had an assortment of fish a couple of years when in uni. Nothing fancy. They were nice roomies.

    (i know, i'm naughty)

    I was hoping you'd get an aqua one for Mr. Finn, but even better, you've started a school...

    Oh Hai xl

  3. Fantastic fish! I like watching fish swim around. Aquariums are very relaxing and serene. And those fish add a wonderful array of colors to your home, and it is very mesmerizing just watching them gliding and dancing in the water.

  4. Don't they have gay fish? Something pink and male. If I were to have fish again, that's the kind of fish I'd get.

    If they exist that is.