Monday, April 11, 2011

Haiku Monday... Nature.

This weeks theme for Haiku Monday is Observations of Nature and is being hosted by


This week I've had a go at three entries... and hope that they translate OK...

Deep within our heart
We know our inner nature
Worn upon a sleeve

photo by princess

Open like Flower
Waiting for the Sun's light kiss...
Embracing the new...

Dying frog asks "why"?
Scorpions' subtle reply...
"It's in my Nature".... 


  1. That was lovely Princess, I like the one about the frog the best.

    Love lies bleeding
    Bung Leona's hole with
    A cuntcork

  2. Nicely, done, Princess! I count 5-7-5 in all instances. My favorite is the last one.

  3. Trivia du jour...

    The bleeding heart flower is known in French as "coeur de Marie"...(Virgin) Mary's heart.

    wv: sapho

  4. Lovely images and your haiku are fantastic.

    Lol @ MJ.

  5. I am sorry, dear Princess, I learned to count syllables in Latin once - and that was it.
    I read German poesis sometimes and now and than I feel deeply touched, but I have no idea whatsover what a haiku is.

  6. Dear Mago
    I don't know much about them either but I'm giving them a go...

    Here is a link with some more examples. And another one here for a more detailed explanation.

    I hope this helps.

    Mitzi Darling...

    A marvellous effort... but please Count Your Syllables!

    thanks Moi
    I like the last one too.

    Are you always such a font of trivial information? I guess I'd be hard pressed to find a "Coeur de Marie" in the gardens at Chez Infomaniac then?...

    Thanks Roses
    I'm pretty new to this form of written expression... I've just read the info I've linked in my comment to Mr Mags. It all makes much more sense now...