Monday, April 18, 2011

A Hearty Update...

Hello Dhaaarlings...

The news is good. Younger Brother was released from hospital today.
Further testing shows that there has not been any permanent damage to his heart muscle following the 90% occlusion of the anterior coronary artery. (One of the main vessels supplying the heart muscle with oxygen)

He was extremely lucky in that the Hospital to which he was taken has only recently opened a chest pain Clinic and it would seem that it is fully staffed on Thursday's for procedure's with a full compliment of surgeons and theatre staff available. Any other day of the week may not have had the available staff required and the outcome may have been very very different.... and not in a good way.....

He had a forty minute trip via intensive care ambulance to the hospital from the small country town in which he lives.
Usually similar cases are assessed and then transferred to a larger hospital in the capital city of Melbourne, a 3 hour road trip away.

Had this been the situation in my brothers case it is unlikely that he would have survived the trip at all.

As it turns out he received initial treatment at home, was transferred to hospital and underwent surgery and was sitting up post operatively in recovery of the intensive care unit just a little over 3 hours later. 

I will continue helping to keep his business running for at least the next three weeks as he is to rest and recuperate for that length of time.
I am putting in long days at the moment with a 45 minute commute each way ready for opening at 8.30 am and closing a 6.30 pm. 7 days a week!
But it is nice to be able to be doing something practical to assist, even if the hours are almost doing me in!

Blogging will be taking a seat at the back of the room for a little while but I will continue to attempt to post some updates from time to time. And I will continue to attempt to pay you all a visit from time to time when time permits.

Anyway my darlings... Princess is feeling pretty knackered these days... and I can hear my bed calling... And It is only just after 10 pm! And the alarm will start screaming at 5.30 tomorrow morning so...

Bye bye for now... and thank you all for your concern, prayers and well wishes

At the moment it is all good news!

Lots of love... Princess XXX 


  1. Thank you for the good news update, Princess.

    I'd send XL over to fluff your pillows but I've just promised him to Lulu.

    He's already spent a busy weekend fluffing Mistress MJ's pillows AND Miss Scarlet's pillows.

    Nonetheless, I'll see what he can do.

  2. MJ
    Poor Xl! At this rate he will be needing his own pillows fluffed!

    I hope that you are feeling much better too! ? Miss Scarlet unwell?
    I hope that she has her insurance up to date... I'll pop over to give her my fondest regards...

  3. [fluffs pillows]

    So pleased at the good news! Take care of yourself, too, Princess!

  4. Thank you XL
    I will continue to remain cognizant of my own limitations. I've just had a lovely visit to your jousting contest... It does bring back memories....

  5. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that you're brother has been very poorly, but pleased that he is now on the mend.
    I don't know what's been wrong with me - thankfully nothing as serious as this. We will have to give an extra something to Mr XL for his fluffing duties!

  6. Hugs to you and your recovering brother. I'm glad he's on the mend, fingers crossed he bounces back quickly.

    PS. Check your e-mail sweetie!

    Lots of love to you.

  7. Good, dear Princess, very good. He had a lot of luck. I find it very exceptional that they had him sitting up in the ICU three hours later.
    Take care of yourself, you just have to get used to this rhythm. I found this early rising always very demanding.

  8. I'm pleased your brother's ticker is on the mend, I hope he makes a speedy recovery. If I lived nearby I would send my maid Carmen over to relieve you, she's very good with customers.

  9. I needed some good news today and now I have some...
    It's good to do good things, it can only contribute to the overall outcome..
    Chins UP!!!

  10. Good health and a speedy recovery to your brother. It is indeed very good news to know he is doing well and that someone was looking out for him to make sure he'd survive this crisis.

    I wish you much rest and plenty of strength in your work Princess! You'll do a fantastic job! I hope you get to listen to some wonderful music while you're at work.

    I'll be thinking of you and your family and wishing them the best!