Monday, April 4, 2011

"The Wonder Wall"... or... "Displaying Your Junk"....Tastefully....

Hello Dhaaarlings...

And welcome to the second instalment in my series of Water Wise Gardens...

Is your house full of "Object(ionable) de yart's" that are cluttering up your Palais?

Don't know what to do with that hideously ugly vase that dear old demented Aunt Dorothy (I always said that her taste was all in her mouth) gave to you for safe keeping?.... "Because...I know that you have always admired it Dear"

You know... the one that you deep down in your heart of hearts rally can't stand... and just wish that one day a clumsy houseboy would knock over and smash but it never ever happens? 

Well has Princess got the Ideal solution for you Dhaaarlings!

Create your very own "Water Wise Garden"...

"Wonder Wall"...

(People will wonder... "What the hell were you thinking?")

(Well... I'd be thinking of somewhere to display Aunty Dot's Rubbish Vase that wasn't anywhere indoors)

Just gab some old timber that you have left over from that do it yourself "Palais Extension"

We all have some of that laying about now don't we?

Bolt it all together adding some shelving and a couple of lovely panels of stained glass... (nicked from the church demolition site up the road... late at night... with your trusty torch in hand at the ready)...

Once it's erect...

Have a ball... Go crazy... Fill it up with all those "fugly" pots and vases that you have been gifted over the years and really cannot abide...

 and yet...  guilt ... sentimentality... prevents you  to part with... for fear of incurring the wrath of the giver... particularly Aunty Dot...

A handy hint is to fix the objects in place using a cement of some type so that they will not be bothered by the weather and will survive stray children wandering in off the street and into your garden, using your "Wonder Wall" as a climbing gym...
(I find a slingshot and a small pile of pebbles kept nearby comes in handy for just such an occasion)

And as far as cleaning goes... just give it a quick squirt with your hose when the neighbours aren't watching... to rid it of dust

Et Viola!

You have the perfect place to display dotty old Aunty Dot's

Crap Vase.

An eye catching addition to any garden don't you think?

The best thing about it is that it will not add to your water account... as it needs no watering to survive! Ideal for a Water Wise Garden 

 Aunty Dot will just be delighted to see that you have her precious vase out on display on her next visit while you take tea with her outdoors in the garden....

Make it your own little Oasis...

Photography By Princess {unless otherwise credited}
Garden Feature Wall Display:- Royal Botanic Gardens Cranbourne, Victoria


  1. That's what my mum used to do with the pots I made at school! She'd tell me they were lovely and the next thing I'd know they'd be outside by the pond.
    It is a fab idea though...

  2. If I put all of my tacky stuff outside, there would be nothing left inside!

    Oh Hai Miss Exiled Scarlet!

  3. What a fab idea. I'll need to get a bigger garden.

    I've found that Truth has been a marvellous way to get over such gifts.

    'What do you think of this dear?' Aunt.

    'My god, it's awful. Who on Earth had the bad taste?' Me.

    'I bought it.' Her.

    'Lovely weather we're having today.' Me.

    I've inherited nothing. Which is a result frankly. I wouldn't put up with her choice in china figurines at any price.

  4. Just grab some old timber


  5. Oh dear Miss "Scarlet in Exile",
    You're still in exile darling...

    I have a lovely slingshot and some pebbles that you might wish to avail yourself of... under the circumstances.

    Mothers without thinking can be cruel at times... but you have to love them....

    Dear XL

    Surely not! I'm sure that a gentleman such as your good self
    would not have a tacky item contained within their walls...

    Dear Roses

    You do make me laugh. Being up front is usually how I play it too...
    I love the whole wall concept. And fortunately have a yard big enough to build one... I'm just lacking the bank balance to make it happen!

    Dear MJ

    Yes... For Timber read wood! Plus I'm so looking forward to another edition of Filth Friday... You know how I love Old Wood!

  6. I luv sculptures and art in the garden!!!

    Oh, that picture of the grandma figurine humping the flower is disturbing on so many levels!

    I'd go for the stained glass with actual pictures of Biblical scenes on them and I'd add Xmas lights or those solar lights to the wall just to add more pizazz! The Vatican and their Sistine Chapel would be so jealous of my holy twinkling art masterpiece!

  7. Dear Eros

    What a fantastic idea to hang the wall with garden lights! Now you have me even more keen to build one at the Palais.

    I have a friend that is very good with making stained glass windows. I may have to commission him.

    "Flower Humping Granny" was the most hideous piece that I could find!