Sunday, April 24, 2011

Monday Haiku....

 Hosted by "Chickory" 

This weeks Haiku theme is...


The following are my entries

The first...

Bird industrious...

Feathered “egg-a-day” layer

Scratch me a living...

The Second...

Lily livered sap!...

Cowardice Protagonist...

Now run chicken… Run!

The Third...

Oak leaf scattered days…

Cold wind... chilled runny nose… cough

Time for chicken soup!


  1. You're definitely a contender with these entries, Princess.

    Good luck!

  2. wow, sugar! well done you! xoxoxo

  3. Executed in a most stylish order....
    "Time for chicken soup!"

  4. Oh Hooter's bird of choice

    Eat of my breast

    I'll take a thigh and a drumstick

    Happy Easter Princess...or was it yesterday for you?

  5. Fantastic writings, Princess! Everyone of them spectacular in their own way.

  6. these are all terrific! which one do you want the judge to consider? they are all a good choice with each identifying distinctly different ways of chickeness. Will post on chick blog this evening!

    Good Luck and so happy you played.

  7. Salute to all Australian veterans today.

  8. Very nice work. I think the first and third are exceptional. Don't get the oak leaf reference, but it sounds good.

  9. thanks MJ
    I like your pluck! Good luck to you too...

    Thank you Savannah Darling

    Tanks Wally

    Usually there is more disorder! I even surprised myself with this lot!

    Thanks XL and good luck with your entry.
    ANZAC day coincided with Easter Monday this year. Sombreness and celebration... I'm off to crack a few choc eggs... after a minutes silence...

    Happy Easter to you too Mr Pirate... Your bonnet.. I'm sure will be the hit of the parade... As will your ensemble

    Thanks Eros and Happy Easter to you...

    thanks for the challenge Chickory If I have to choose I'd go with number 1... Your post is looking fantastic... Who knew there were so many "Chookheads" out there?

    Hi Troll
    The Oak reference is due to the fact that it is Autumn Down under in Oz! confusing as i guess it's spring in your neck of the woods...

    The "Japanese bloke"
    makes reference to season...
    in a Haiku... yes?

  10. Nicely done. I like the first one.