Saturday, April 3, 2010

Bringing out the Bonnet....

It's Easter...

And Princess is creating a new Bonnet

I discovered some lovely and inspirational creations

The Empress was very impressed....

The trinkets have been gathered...

Hat pins at the ready...

And all the old bonnets gathered for a little makeover...

So that all will be in readiness for the judging at the local Easter Fair...

The houseboys have been very excited...
Making their own Bonnets..

And costumes...

And asked if they too...
Could get right into the spirit and paint some eggs...

"How Marvelous" I thought...
The little Imps getting so enthusiastic and creative for Easter...

 I heard raucous laughter coming from one of their rooms
And on further investigation...

Discovered this...

And this!

They were certainly not the Eggs that Princess had in Mind....

But dont you just love the new bonnet...

It's sure to be a winning entry...

Happy Easter Dhaaarlings!


  1. Oh, it's fabulous, Princess.

    And I mean the bonnett - I'm not just talking about the houseboy second from left in the penultimate picture!

  2. That's a very eastery bonnet.

    Your houseboys certainly have managed to put everyone at Sayhey in a merry Easter mood. And yes, doesn't he look fine in green? We think so.

    Happy Easter darrrrrrling

  3. Dear Mr De Vice,
    Thankyou for your praise regarding my new millinery, I shall not even try to describe the houseboys further antics with pots of paint and brushes but some of them ended up looking like This

  4. My Dear CP,
    How lovely of you to call...
    Happy Easter to you too Dhaaarling

    I'm not sure that green is really your colour, sureley you can find a little
    Pink just for the occasion?....

  5. Sorry Mr De Vice,
    That link didn't work...
    Try HERE

  6. Well I am wearing Showtime by Kylie Minogue which is pink too.

  7. Oh here we go with the Kylie Minogue perfume again.

    I thought somebody smelled like a French hoor in here.

  8. My Dear CP,

    You do realise that Ms K's Perfumes are distilled from the urine of These :)

  9. Hello there Dear MJ,

    I thought somebody smelled like a French hoor in here.

    French Hoor! Are you sure?
    It wasn't the mistaken reekings of an aging actress perchance?

    I had the houseboys clean every whiff of "Ms CKU" from the Palais following her ghastly attempt at a reprisal of "Moulin Rouge" Here at the "Palais" just the other day.

  10. You are just jealous MJ.

    It's fab!

  11. Tee-hee! Good one! Budgie pee.


  12. Happy Easter, Princess!

    Here's to wishing you and the Empress and the household a wonderful day wearing your Easter bonnets and hunting for big delicious eggs to eat!

  13. Happy Easter to you Princess. I like to think the bigger the hat, the more furious the woman, and hats with veils are great for hiding faces that are distorted by disappointment and revenge.

  14. Disturbing on many levels, good to see the easter bunny has piss stains in his gunties.

  15. Thanks Eros,
    Have a great weekend..

  16. Why thankyou Miss Mitzi,
    And welcome back to My humble Abode.

    The Great Grand Empress was a Millinary Wizz an I think that i may have just inherited some of her fabulous skills...

    I agree. One can never have too many veils...

  17. Dear Mr Knudsen,

    piss stains in his gunties.

    You know that your more that welcome to borrow them to complete your next party ensemble...

  18. Oh... and Dear CP,
    Thanks for the "Shout Out" Dhaaarling... How Sweet XXX

  19. Perhaps the Easter bunny is suffering from myxomatosis.