Friday, April 16, 2010

Final Entry Reminder

Hello Again Dhaaarlings....

Voting Day is rapidly approaching...
And the Orgainising Committee are busy fingering through your entries...

 in readiness for...

The Inaugural

"Fabulous Frock" Competition

Here are the last of my own designs...

"Creme Broulee"

"Burgundy Bliss"

Entries for the competition will Close at

Midnight Sunday 18th April
(your Time)

Preparations for the "Royal Gala Masque Ball" are progressing well

The barman is learning some new tricks

And the Prizes are ready for Presentation to the winning Contestants

Here they are Dhaaarlings
A beautiful mask for each of our winners

If you're still at a loss as to what to wear on the night

Princess has provided you with some stunning suggestions

For some lovely masks check Here

And for Frocks...

Check Here

And ideas for everyone Here and check the slideshow..

Have you found  your perfect ensemble for the ball?

I'm still trying on Frocks

And masks Dhaaarlings

And I'm so looking forward to Voting Day....

So... Remember to get your entry/entries in

And I shall see you all there


  1. Oh. I have an idea!
    I'm not making any promises... I am the laziest blogger on the blog, [remember the tin foil hat that never materialised]... but I might have another entry for you....

  2. Check your inbox for the Most Appealing winner.

  3. Dear.


    That would be just delightful,
    Might I offer a word of advice? Ensure that Pete is not within vomiting range of what I am sure will be a magnificent creation...

    You have until Midnight Sunday Dhaaarling..


    Thankyou for your entry/entries.
    They have been forwarded to the Organising Committee...

    I too am eagerly awaiting seeing the entries in all their glorious fabulosity.

    Might I take this oppertunity to remind you that
    "You can not Vote for your own Frock"


  4. Apologies. My idea is flawed... back to the drawing board.

  5. Dear Scarlet

    Never mind darling, I'm sure Mr Da Vinci didn't get things right the first time either :)

  6. Fabulous!

    I hope you are not too stressed from all that planning. Unfortunately I haven't had a chance to keep up with my email correspondance.

    Give my best to the houseboys. You are probably working them to the bone.

  7. Fantastic sketches, Princess! Burgundy Bliss look fun and chic. And Creme Broulee look divine and delicious!

    I'm excited to see the other entries in the competition!

  8. Dear Eros,
    Thanks for your appreciative comments again...

    Not long to go until judging starts!

    the entrants have until midnight sunday. I am a day ahead of most other readers so to be fair to all the post will go up on tuesday My time!

  9. Dear CP,

    I have been working the houseboys extremely hard getting things in readiness for the Gala Event.

    I'm having so much fun trying on costumes and masks...

    Looking forward to seeing you on voting day...