Friday, April 30, 2010

A Little Giggle...

Those Naughty Monty Pythons

I just love a man in uniform....

Don't You?...


  1. HA! Have not seen that, thanks!

    We have a never-ending political debate here about gays in the military. News flash for opponents: there have always been gays in the military and always will be!

  2. Xl,
    These boys always manage to put a spin on every thing they seem to touch. Nothing is out of bounds and they never seemed to care whether it pissed people off or not.

    I once lived in a "garrison town" where I met a lot of gay guys and girls from the the forces.

    A case of Don't ask Don't tell?
    Hell they were wall to wall at the local met and greet house...

  3. bwahahahahahaha. I love Monty Python. Cheeky and brilliant.

    I've never understood why it mattered if someone was gay or not if they wanted to serve our country. Sexulality has nothing to do with bravery.

    Have a lovely weekend Princess!

  4. :)
    Have a good weekend, dear Princess. Here in Franconia until the early 90s a lot of American garrisons were established. People always knew where to go.

  5. Ha! This was funny!

    Yeah, I'm with XL and Boxer here. Orientation has nothing to do with patriotism. And there have always been gays in the military since the beginning. In fact, it was a gay officer, a Prussian named Friedrich Wilhelm von Stuben, who helped forge the US Army at Valley Forge under Washington, and this army eventually defeated the British and established American Independence!

  6. Excellent. I love MP. And I do love a man in uniform, lucky I married one.

  7. Dear Boxer
    I could never understand it either..
    Enjoy your Island time with family and working on your beautiful chair...

    Dear Mago
    In any situation kindred souls seem to find each other...
    Have a lovely weekend and i do hope that you are feeling much...

    Dear Eros
    I have to agree with you...

    I did not know that the military was initally formulated buy a "friend of dorothy".. how facinating.. but there in lies the lesson I guess..

    But throughout history there are records of military folks with long time lovers and partners of the same sex. Back to the Greeks and Romans and even before that.

    People were not defined by there sexuality alone then and nor should we be now
    I dont get were all the "wowserism' comes from and don't intend to explore it further here...
    We all have a right to just be who we are without the labeling....

    I have always been a big fan of the MP team. I have most of their early recordings on vinyl...

    In earlier days I and my cousins could recite most of their sketches, and then later their movies, word for word all in character... A lot of fun was had at parties and family gatherings. Many happy hours of youth spent sitting by the record player learning the lines and the songs...
    hanging on every word until we had them by rote.

    Salute to Sarge from me!