Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Palais Hosts the Post "Infomaniac"... "Kitchest Bitch" Afterparty....

Well... Hello there...
Greetings and salutations are in order..
How lovely to see you...
And Welcome...
To the very "Tasteful" decor and surrounds at...

"Palais de Steff"

Do feel free to make yourself at home won't you...

On behalf of Mistress MJ...

(I have had Mr Peirsol deliver a case of Jamiesons just for you Dear Mistress)

Princess has invited you all... 
The "How Not to Decorate Compo" Afterparty...

Following such Glamour...
 Spine Tingling Excitement...
 And a veritable buffet of "Kitch and Calamity" at Chez Infomaniac....

Congratulations go to the Compo Winner!!!
Kabuki Zero

And his Beautifully Bad "Pirate Suite"
A true Artiste...


And Champagne all around...

As we make a toast to Kabuki Zero and all who sail in her....

Congratulations and well done.

Princess is delighted to present some of her own...

 "Tributes in Kitch" 
"The Bitches of Infomaniac"

And as you will soon see...
 Have been very very busy snapping away with...

My New Camera....


Something "Kitchy" for Everyone!!

Below you will find "16 Tributes" to "Fellow Infomaniac Bitches"

Each Tableau is numbered but no names are mentioned
(At this Point)
 I thought it might be a little bit of fun for you all to decide

 Which "Tribute" is to Which "Bitch"?

It is a Party after all Dhaarlings...

 Princess will then create a separate post listing the numbers matching names with

 My "Tribute in Kitch" to the "Fellow Bitch" Princess had in mind when "Tributes in Kitch" were created... we can compare notes...


 Charge your Glasses...

Find a comfortable Houseboy to assist you with your every need....

And let the fun begin....

The Tribute Tableaux...

You can "Biggerize" each Tableau...

to get up close and personal if you wish....

















Public Service Announcement .
As Dear Mistress MJ continues to accrue so many "Bitches"...
Princess offers profund appologies to those not payed tribute to here...

(And even to those that are)

Princess has had no intent of malice, disrespect or, intentional ommission...
But, as I am only intimate with some of you...
And are, as yet, to introduce myself formally to others...
I take this opportunity to appologise in advance.


Lets all freshen our drinks at the Cocktail Bar...

And all get cracking shall we?


  1. You've done a wonderful job with the after party! Inspired even!

  2. Ha! These are fantastic! Excellent after party! I luv the tributes!


  3. I know which photo is XL's tribute but I'm not saying...yet.

    As for Eros and the others, I'm going to have to study the photos more carefully...

    After I've had another swig of Jamesons.

  4. Each and every one a work of art. They're brilliant.

  5. I think #5 is XL. His love of puss-, er, cats is well documented.

    #9 is CP, because he's such a lush, er, likes the finer and shinier things in life.

    #8 & #11 are a toss up for IDV. The sailor motif is making me think of IDV (because he luvs the seamen), but I'm going to be polite and say it's #11, because he's magic!

    Stellar job on the tributes, Princess!

    Oh, I'm pretty sure #3 is me! Because I like to cook and lay around nekkid!

    The rest I'm not sure about. But I'll keep on guessing.

  6. I like the installations!
    I will have to come back later to try to suss them out though.

  7. Hei, what a great idea!
    A lot of effort, a lot of thought - lovely!

    I think Number 8 is for Knudsen, the salty dog. Number 10 could be a boxer. Number 9 CyberPete.
    But I have to excuse me, here its midday, I have to do worldly things. I will come back later the day.
    Thank you Princess, it is a wounderful idea!

  8. #15 has a very big penis.

    So that rules out any of you lot.

  9. Oh Hi all, sorry im late are the houseboys treating you well?

    Pleanty of booze and eats too so help yourselves...

  10. I wish to lodge a complaint about one of your guests.

  11. Oh MJ I think that was a blog Jinx!

  12. Certainly, Talk to the hand darling

  13. And i guess that you are complaining about the size if the MITM's penis?

  14. I think number one stands for Mistress MJ, cool smooth velvet of irish descent. Or is it number five, a cat only to touch with gloves? I would never think along that line ...
    I have absolutely no clue about the pictures with the cooking devices, numbers 3 and 6, also I have no idea what number 15 is?
    MAybe number 12 is a selfportrait of Princess and number 13 stands for the empress? NUmber 14 could be Joanna Cake, Damien number 16 and number 2 Scarlet? Stands number 7 for xl? Your solution is eagerly awaited here.

  15. That bog roll in #6 can be only one person.

  16. Anything with vodka pictured could be either Roses, Boxer, KAZ or even me.

    Tough calls.

  17. Mago there is a tribute there to your good self...

    And MJ you are on the right track with the bog roll...

  18. Isn't this fun...

    they are all open to inerpretetion

    And some could beshared by any number of bitches

  19. Boxer is ten, maybe mago is eleven.

  20. Ha ha!!! No. 6 must be Mr Beastie then....?

  21. Oh yes! I see how no. 2 could be me - there is a blow up doll and Henry VIII features!!
    I did match MJ with the velvet cream, but I'm seeing CyberPete everywhere else... apart from in the lighthouse.

  22. Ah. I know who they all are because I followed the instructions!

  23. I wanna play! I wanna play!

    But it's sunny here for the first time in months, so I must go outside and potter around in the garden first. I'll be back later to try and suss out these tributes.

  24. Oh, sod it. I'm going to play now...

    3 = Eros
    4 = MJ
    5 = xl
    7 = Kabuki Zero
    9 = SImply has to be 'Petra!
    10 = Boxer?
    11 = Me!
    12 = Damien?

    Uh... I'm stuck now.

  25. Oh! I know what Miss Scarlet means, now - I, too, know who they all are, but I'm not going to say how.

  26. I wouldn't know, but number 9 could be me.

    Great idea though! Fabulous!

    Now let's get cocktails.

  27. We shall keep it between ourselves, Mr Devine *wink, wink*

  28. This is amazing!!! I also have to examine more closely. Study, if you will. And while I'm at it I will have a houseboy fetch me a drink--I'll let him surprise me--

  29. You are all doing very well and dont think i'm not on to you all!
    I'm such a Silly Princess sometimes.

    (Tho I did't want you all completely baffled)..

    Remember, it is not a compo but just a heart felt interpretation of My fellow Blogging Bitches and what I have gleaned from your Blogs in the short time that I have been on the air..

    And just some good fun all around

  30. Oh and by the way,

    Princess is not represented in any one photo.

    I felt this to be quite unnessessary, as all the kitch belongs to me anyway.

    That should give you all some insights into Pricesses diverse tastes in Household acoutriments and decor.

    I am sure that I could hold a month long garage sale and still have crap left over!

  31. Okay, being the complete and utter narcissist that I am, I believe I have identified number 13 as mine--if so, that is just lovely. Really really really.

    Number 2 seems Miss Scarlet-y to me too.

    Mago is 12?

    Oh wait! I just cottoned on. This was so much fun! Thank you sweet Princess!

  32. I have no idea what Scarlet and IDV refer to.

  33. Dear Miss Scarlet,
    Kindly stop winking at Mr De Vice, as each time he winks back at you dhaarling his Eye closes on my screen. It is quite alarming!

  34. Dear Mistress it is most unladylike to show such eagerness for a commpetition!

    Why your Gracious presence in itstelf should be rewarding enough... More Jamiesons?...

  35. They are all about me! as is every post. I love the taste of Old Spice in the morning, it washes away the sins of the night before.