Thursday, April 15, 2010

"Fabulous Frock" Gentle Reminder...

Hello There!...

How are you going with your "Fabulous Frock Hunt" Dhaaarlings?

as you can see...

I'm still in the throws of designing some thing suitable to wear to the ball 

"Limelight Delight"

"Rapturous Rose"

And still searching for inspiration

For those of you still planning to enter a "Fabulous Frock"
Princess would like to give you all a...

 Very Gentle and Subtle reminder that you have 

Midnight on Sunday April 18th (your time)

To do so....
(Australian East Coast Time = GMT + 10hrs)

(Or just check out my new clock)

Remember to...

1. Send me a pic of your entry/s via the Email address on my profile.
(which has now been rectified thankyou Miss Scarlet)

2. Multiple entries are welcomed...
And will be numbered accordingly to assist with voting

3. You may not cast a vote for your own Frock
(Or make a pre emptive strike!)

4. Entries will Close at Midnight Sunday April 18th

To those of you who have already submitted your entry the organising Committee Thanks You


In the meantime I shall be sewing up a storm...


Oh...the Houseboys are getting so excited...

"Mother.... I need more silk"...


  1. Love the clocks!

    Proof that I am SO living in the past!

  2. My Darrrrrling Princess

    I have sent you copious amounts of emails. I hope you'll make your way through them in due time.

    I love the sketches, and I love sketches in general. They are very fascinating. Do you know how to make shoes?

    Now that would be fabulous, making ones own heels.

  3. You know, Princess, I just wanted to say that your design sketches are fantastic! I was looking at them in this post and previous post and thought, which designer made these? Turns out, there were Palais de Staf originals! Very nice! I was particularly impressed with the Wintergreen Wonderland one.

    You certainly have talent! And I'm sure you're going to reach your design and creative goals! Looking forward to the ball!

  4. Dear Scarlet

    Oh yes please...

    I want I want I want! XXX

  5. Dear MJ,

    Glad to be of service,
    No excuses now i guess....

  6. Dear Pete,

    Thanks for your emails
    Thankyou for your comments re my sketches, unfortunately the course does not include shoe making in itself but just basic introductions to types of shoes as accessories to garments and outfits that we design and then make. But i must say that i am fascinated by how shoes are constructed let alone balancing in heels...

  7. Thankyou Eros ,
    Your comments are Much appreciated
    I have 2 more designs to post Prior to the compo... so stay tuned :)

    One of which eventuated into the real thing for a client, thousands of seed beads hand sewn onto the garment, following the pattern of the "Couched Cornelli Work" Giving the fabric a 3D effect on the Burgandy coloured silk taffeta fabric. The bead work was done on the bodice and down the entire length of the skirt front. You will get a better idea when I post the pic hopefully.

    all the designs included samples of fabric that i would use, zips threads, linings, embellishments, and internal construction ingredients for the bustierre/bodice, all quite involved and time consuming..
    But also very rewarding and lots of fun to create...

    Two of my colleagues from the course made the Frocks for her Bridesmaids and My client wore her frock as her going away outfit on her wedding day!
    Unfortunately i did not get a photo of her wearing it :(

  8. I'm working on mine.

    Well, what I mean is, I have the idea, but I have yet to sketch it out. It'll be with you at the weekend (I hope!).

  9. Dear Mr Device,

    Thankyou for your progress report...
    There is still plenty of time to forward your entry/entries
    please continue in your endeavour....

  10. yikes, i only found some pictures. *sigh* i have absolutely no artistic talent, sugar! but, y'all do have mail! ;~D xoxoxox

  11. super fun! I'm off to start planning.

    And as for your designs? Wowzer you are amazing. And ready for Project Runway.

  12. That's fantastic you've all ready sold some of your designs! That means you really are talented! I'm impressed with the amount of work and creativity and complexity you put in your designs. They look amazing--elegant and chic and beautiful. And I can't wait to see the rest of your sketches!

  13. Dear Miss Savannah

    Thankyou, I have forwarded your entry/entries to the organising committee.

    See you on voting day Dhaaarling XXX

    Dear Mrs Boxer,

    Please be my guest an go for it!
    Looking forward to your entry/entries...

    Perhaps if they do a "Project Runway For old Fart's" I might just consider it! ;)

    Stay tuned Dear Mr Eros

    Final reminder post will be up some time late today/early tomorrow (My Time) :)

    With the last 2 sketches in the "Masquerade" range...