Sunday, April 4, 2010

A little Relaxation...

Princess has been a little weary of late...
So will be taking some...

Time out by the pool...

Drinks will be served...

And the Pool Boy is waiting to assist you

Won't you join me?


  1. Absolutely darling!

    I do hope you won't run out of champagne and houseboys.

  2. Dear CP
    how could you even think such a thing?
    Never! Dharrling, Never!

    Ps If you would like to see Miss Kylies' little sister Danni when she was famous before big sister moved into her spotlight.

    Pop over to Chateau Thombleau Via Infomaniac or Here She is the "construction worker" in the Village People Clip YCSTM

    It's a bit of a hoot!

  3. This is just what the doctor ordered as I've had a very busy weekend so far.
    I might need the ministrations of more than one pool boy, though...

  4. Dear Mr Device

    Help yourself here

    Poolboys all around...

  5. bless your heart, but y'all are the most gracious host, sugar! xoxoxo

  6. Indeed! Such a gracious host!

    I've brought some dessert!

    *Dives into pool, grabs a float and a drink*


    Hope you and the Empress and household are enjoying a relaxing day.

  7. Good to see you Eros,

    "I've brought some dessert!"

    I do hope that it it some of your famous Peach Cobbler

  8. I know how you feel. Do you have any Rémy Martin going spare?

  9. Dear MJ,
    "Who peed in the pool?"

    Well, I really can't be certain but Dear Mr Eros was very keen to take a Leak...I mean... Leap into the pool when he arrived...

    *waving and sweetly smiling at Mr Eros, happily lost and amusung himself among the flotation devices*

  10. Dear Mitzi,

    There is a Bottle of Remy Around here somewhere for you, I shall have the Barman fetch it immediately...

  11. Dannii is always a bit of a hoot, isn't she? Constantly living in 1983. It must be nice believing you'll never be 40.

    She spent a good few years dressing up as Nena and her Luftballons and then copied big sis Kylie. Bless her.

    At least she makes a good Village person.

  12. Can I wear my water wings ???

  13. Dear Miss Joanna Cake,

    You will find the staff at the Palais to be very accommodating...

  14. Dear Mr Beast,

    How nice of you to call following your very recent adventure...

    Of course you can wear your "floaties"...

    Just ensure that you don't leave any in the pool when you leave...