Monday, April 12, 2010

Fabulous Frock Competition

 Princess and "The Palais" Presents...

For your Participation, Enjoyment and Entertainment...

The Inaugural 

"Fabulous Frock" Competition...

 and Masked Ball...

Princess has been very busy designing some of her own beautiful creations

in readyness for this

"Royal Gala Event"


"Wintergreen Wonderland"

"Passion in Purple"  

And has been scouring the Universe...

 for inspiration...

And provocative design

I would love for you to send me a picture of a
Frock or Costume that you would
Like to wear
 Dare to wear
to a
"Masquarade Ball"

(A pic from the net will do, there is no need to whip out your camera unless you really want to!)

Your Frock can be as hauntingly beautiful, pretty, fetching, flattering, tasteful, tasteless, rude or as disgustingly diabolical as you like.

Comptition Rules 

1. Send me a pic of your entry/s via the Email address on my profile.

2. Multiple entries are welcome...
And will be numbered accordingly to assist with voting

3. You may not cast a vote for your own Frock
Now, that would just not be propper

4. Entries will Close at Midnight Sunday April 18th
Once all contenders entries are recieved and collated Princess will post them on the following day.

 Then you Dear Reader/Competition Entrants will all be able to... 


 and cast your vote for...

A: "The Most Appealing Entry"


B: "The Most Apalling Entry"

So I suggest that you get to sewing up a storm Dhaaarlings and send in your pics...


Winners will be announced at the

 "Palais de Steff Masquerade Ball"

and you are all invited to the celebration...

Prizes will be announced for the winners!!!


  1. I'd simply love to my dear Princess.

    What a great idea! I will get my sequin box out and start sewing.

  2. ooooh... I like the red corset dress... I want, I want.

  3. Dear Mr De Vice
    I'm looking forward to seeing your entry/entries.. I thought it would be a bit of fun too!

    Dear Pete
    Get snapping with those sequins dharrling, of course I'm expecting a selection of your "Favourite Frocks" to be entered...

    Dear Miss Scarlet

    It's all very well to
    "I want, I want".

    Get to it and find a "Fabulous Frock" or two to enter in the compo!

    Did I mention that there are prizes to be had?

  4. This sounds fun. I'll see what I can do!

  5. Please do Mr Eros,

    I shall await your entry/entries with great anticipation...

  6. I have sent my entry... but the email in your profile didn't work for me... so I sent it to the other address.

  7. I'm working on my picks, and you'll have them soon. I suspect.

    Some more fabulous than others I suppose.

  8. Oh my dearest Princess, as Miss Scarlett mentioned your email is not working.

    I would be most grateful if you could share another email address with me.

    Thanks in advance,


  9. Dear Miss Scarlet,
    Your entry has arrived safely on the other address that you used.
    Humblest appologies are due for this inconvenience...

  10. Dear Petra,
    Again appologies are due...
    I have forwarded another email address to you and that should find me...
    I shall look into rectifying this situation on my profile, thankyou for bringing it to my attention

  11. Is that Sunday at midnight AUSTRALIAN time?

    And if so, which part of Australia?

    Unlike us, you live in the future, you know.

    And as the furthest away from your time zone, I could lose if I snooze.

    Oh, and whatever CyberPete submits is the most appalling.

  12. This red rag is stunning. A bal masqué, bal travesti - ages since I attented one ... maybe I can find something.

  13. i haven't gone to a masked ball in ages, sugar! delish! xoxoxox

  14. Dear Mistress MJ,

    I realise that I do live in the future and that this fact my cause some consternation for some.

    My International Time Zone is

    GMT+10 Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne.

    I shall attempt to locate a timing divice to show on my blog to assist with working out competetion closing times... similar to Mr Mago and his "My Time" Clock

    My intention tho not stated was for Midnight "your time"
    Sunday 18th April.

    That way the post for judging the entries would go up on the 20th. Giving everyone the opportunity to enter on time...

    Oh... and please refrain from pre competition vote casting

  15. Dear Mago,

    See what you can rustle up for the occasion. The more entried the more fun....

  16. Dear Miss Savannah,

    Well get yourself all "Gussied Up" and come on down Darling!


  17. I love that purple one and anything that Audrey Hepburn wears is normally delicious.

    I shall see if I can sort out an entry - a bit tied up with demanding teenagers cos of the holidays but I will try!

  18. Dear Ms Joanna Cake,

    Please, be my guest and enter the competition...
    The more the merrier...

    thank you for your comment on the purple number. the sketches are my own that I did as an assignment, developing a range of "Evening Wear" as part of my yet to be completed Degree in Clothing, Textile and Footwear Design and Construction...
    unfortunately have been unable to complete due to illness but hope to continue at some stage in the future...