Friday, April 9, 2010

Official Results....

Here is my personal list of matches as promised...

But you probably have guessed? them already ...

Having made comparitive notes and...

Consulted widely...
and again I state:

"Princess has had no intent of malice, disrespect or, intentional ommission"...

Just a bit of good oldfashioned fun...

#1 Old Knudsen
at "Old Bitterballs"

#2. Miss Scarlet Blue
Proud owner of "Smeg and Willy"

#3. Mr Eroswings
Forever tantalizing our tastebuds with wild kitchen adventures
At "Erosden"

#4 Mistress MJ 
Your Hostess and Mistress at Chez "Infomaniac"

#5. Mr Xl
 World travelling cat lover and white tie dancer at "xl-entropy"

#6 Mr Beast
Over at "Beastliness" with all at Cafe C

#7 Miss Kabuki Zero

"The man who told the world"

#8 Mr Ayem8ty

That "Mean Dirty Pirate"

#9  Cyberpete

Go on over and "Sayhey"

#10 Mrs Boxer

From  A. Boxer Inc.

#11. Mr De Vice

"Inexplicable Device" go over and introduce yourself (4 times)!

#12 Dear  Mago

Our Friend from Franconia

#13. Miss Leah

Catch all the "Weather in th Streets" from NYC

#14 Ms Roses

Avid gardener, writer and "Definitely Beautiful"

#15. Miss Savannah

Vist "Savannah Marshmumma" and her Coconut Krew

      #16. Damien Oz

He'll give you his 2cents worth downunder alright..

So there you have it my Fellow Infomaniac Bitches...

 Princesses "Tributes in Kitch".

I do hope that you have had as much fun in seeing them... 
As much as I have enjoyed creating them...

Now I just have to pack all this crap away

"Houseboys! Ready the Sea Container for storage" 

"And Make it Snappy"!


  1. I want to have a go! They were all excellent!

  2. Brilliant and creative!

    Thanks mate for including me.

  3. Fabulouso!

    I have Singin' in the rain on dvd. It's so me.

    Oh and I guessed about four right.

  4. y'all are too sweet, sugar! even the MITM was there! THANK YOU!!!xoxoxoxo

  5. MJ, you are fixated.
    Dear Princess, thank you for the wounderful idea and "Kitchest Bitch Afterparty", a real pleasure!

  6. Scarlet I'm forwarding you my sea container full of Kitch to play with.
    William is pretty cute tho and i can understand your adoration for him!

    Your very welcome, I was happy to include you, my only regret was that i didnt have a Gold Medal to place around your pussycats neck

    I thought they were pretty fabuloso too and had so much fun creating them..

    I thought that i had my fathers Old "Carved fom a Coconut" Gorilla with pipe and glasses Ashtray, to include, after searching High and
    Low remembered little sister claimed it following his passing.
    She lives in Perth Weatern Aus, On the outher side of the continent!
    So that ruled that out...

    My MITM i thought was just the thing...


    "Why does Savannah have a penis?"

    Possibly because she can?

    But I dont think that's the sort of question that one asks of a lady.

  7. Dear Mago

    I'm happy to provide such pleasure for you....

  8. That was fun! Great job on the tributes! You have a some really wonderful, fun things, and you arranged them beautifully!

  9. Thanks Eros,

    It was my pleasure...

    Ijust glad that folks were not offended :)

  10. This was so cool--one of my favorite things I've seen in the blogosphere in a long time!


  11. Dear Leah

    Thank you so much for your comments as I really wasn't sure how people might react to such a post, but as it turns out am very relieved and gratified by all the positive resopnses that I have had from you all.
    It was great deal of fun to create the pieces and I'm happy that it has gone over so well..

  12. Wow-zer. I love them all and feel honored to be inlcluded. Thanks. You are one super creative individual. I'm "taking" my picture with me. I love it!