Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fooling Around at "The Palais"....

Happy April Fools day to all from "Palais de Steff"...

Is a little something that I have discovered whilst searching a nook to entertain you all...
So sit back relax and we shall share cocktails over a quietly exhausted Houseboy...

Or Two.... 

Cheers Dhaaarlings...


  1. Happy April Fool's Day to you, too, Princess and the Palais Household!

    That is an awesome link with the great fotos!

  2. Thanks Eros,
    I thought it was great too and just wanted to share..

  3. y'all are just too sweet, darlin! my big joke? i forgot it was april 1st! but it's still early here! xoxoxxo

  4. Thanks for the link, great pix.

    Happy Belated April Fools Day.

  5. Those are fabulous. I love the walnut beetle, how clever!

  6. Have a good one dearie!

    Your houseboys look exhausted.

  7. Yes, whatever have you been doing to the poor loves to get them in such a state?

  8. I've actually cut open a mouse to find Kiwi inside, it was at Disneyland and Mickey mouse called me a wanker :::: I am :::: Kiwis are Australian right? same accents and shifty eyes and all Rednecked English!

  9. Dear Miss Savannah,

    Your welcome.
    We may be downunder, but we are living in the future compared to many parts of the Globe.

    Your MCW I Get to see on Thursday here for example.
    Unfortunately, living in the future does not seem to make any difference to getting the winning lotto numbers! XXX

  10. Dear XL.
    Just within the nick of time!
    It is a great clip tho.. thankyou

  11. Dear Miss Leah,
    I think the shot of the kids riding the jets is great, as i have a couple of nieces an nephews that would really get a kick out of a ride like that!

  12. Thankyou Dear Scarlet,

    Have you found your roller skates?

  13. Dear Pete,
    The house boys are exhauated as the Empress has been riding them 24/7 hunting down pieces of Kitch for the Dear Mistresses "How Not to Decorate Compo" And as i have been a recent "Winner" The Empress now Expects Princess to maintain her winning form...

  14. Dear Mr De Vice,

    As i said to Pete, Riding them 24/7

    I hope that all of you at "Castle Deivce" have located something suitably "Kitch".

    I expect to see 4 entries no less!

    It has been a terrible drag as "The Palais" is, as you know, only filled with beautiful "objet de art"....

  15. Why Mr Knudsen,

    It must be April Fools Day!
    How lovely of you to call...
    Welcome to my humble "Palais".

    After that roll under the stars by the beach that glorious night we shared... I never thought that I would hear from you again let alone seeing you appear as a vision of pure lust on my doorstep.

    As I read somewhere that "Old Kudsen, loves them and leaves them"...
    I could change my name to "Sandra" for you...
    You must have been very surprised by "Mr Mouses" acute judgement of Character after that little knifing incident....

    I'm not surprised that you found a Kiwi inside, possibly mistaking "Mr Mouse" for a Lemmur? One might suspect...

    But it was probably one of our poor "Seventh State Cousins" Awaiting University doing a "Gap Year" at Disnee.
    As there are Sooo many Americanas over employed these days...

    I can understand your confusion with our accents but here is an easy test...
    When you suspect that you have come across an antipodean, ask them to say "Fish and Chips"

    If they are from the "Land of the Long White Shroud" the answer will be... "Fush end Chups"
    Princess always tries to be helpfull...

    While your here Mr Knudsen you would be more than welcome to join me in my Piano shaped Spa to Freshen yourself up....
    I can have one of the Houseboys lock that coveted cap of yours in the Palais Safety deposit box just in case Dear Mistress turns up...

  16. escusate ... good time, dear princess, a good time to you. Ill put my empty head on one of the lad's muscular thorax and just get lost ... now .

  17. Oh.. Hello ther dear MJ,

    Mr Knudsen and i were just chatting about our Dear Mistress.

    I did notice that he was on top of you... Is it his first climb?

    Of course despite my intensive probing... He was, as ever...
    far to descrete to confirm or deny...

  18. Dear Mago,
    Happy day to you, enjoy your new Torso for the day!

  19. Cheers Princess! Your houseboys look like they have a few more chores left in them. ;-)