Sunday, April 18, 2010

Compare and Contrast if you will....

Kylie Vs Marilyn Vs Nichole?

Compare and Contrast if you will....they are all wearing
"Fabulous Frocks"
I just Cant make up my mind.


  1. it has to be marilyn, sugar! everyone else, no matter how divine, pale in comparison! xoxox

  2. Frock-wise, I'm divided between Kylie & Marilyn. It's easy to discount Nicole as she's barely wearing anything, nevermind a frock.

    Actually, I've made my decision: Marilyn wins. Both frocks look badly made and don't hang right, but Kylie looks like a small man in drag in hers. Sorry 'Petra!

  3. It's got to be Marilyn for me, too. Sometimes, nothing beats the original.

  4. Dear MJ
    Of course, it would be an impossibility for him not to!

    Dear Savannah
    Thank you,
    I thought this would provide a little fun proir to the main event!

    Dear Mr De Vice
    You demonstrate such astute powers of Obsevation. Ha, I'd never conscidered Miss K as a "Cock in a Frock" before now... thankyou for bringing this to my attention...

    Dear Mr Eros
    The original and the best...
    It is sad that she lead such a tragic life... Gone too soon...

  5. I don't know what you guys are talking about. Of course I could pick Marilyn.

    The thing is, I appreciate what Baz Luhrman was trying to do, but it just came off as unfortunate with Nic in Moulin Rouge.

    As far as I remember though, it was Baz who directed the performance Kylie did as well for the Fox anniversary. I loved that performance and I've got to say I loved it.

    While Marilyn did a great job doing it originally, and I love that movie, you've got to appreciate how difficult it is to have to do it years later for someone else. As you can see with Nic you can't go too far without botching it up. There is a fine line.

    I pick Miss K because she did a great job honouring the original.

    At least you didn't show Vadge's version *gags*

  6. Thanks Pete for your rousing rationale...

    I lmost fell off my chair when i read
    "Of course I could pick Marilyn".

    I was flabbergasted but then on reading further was not surprized with your explanations...

    Nic's rendition was, I am afraid, appaling... Thank goodness that cute man was starring opposite her to save the show...and he Can sing!

  7. Dear Scarlet,

    Lay down mazzere really!

  8. Hello Princess, I am sorry and have to beg your pardon, no enrty, no time and no nerve, here is no time to disguise at the moment.