Monday, September 27, 2010

Duck and Cover...

One can never be too careful...


  1. Thank heavens you brought this to our attention. I was just about to have a shower alone, but now I know to bring someone along to ensure that I get to all those hard to reach areas!
    Thank you, Princess.

  2. I have two of the symptoms: Navy and bad at sports!

  3. Hello Sailor ...
    I am glad that J. Edgar cares for us, what a protective strong man.

  4. Right, one never knows where this dangerous disease might be lurking!!! (LOL)

  5. That banana segment...

    That's Beast, isn't it?

  6. Dear Mr DeVice

    Princess tries to be helpful...
    Enjoy your showering with a friend safe in the knowledge that you are protecting yourself from...
    "The Gay"....

    Dear XL

    Should symptoms persist...See your doctor and he'll check you're not running a fever...

    Dear Mago

    Mr H was so statuesque in a frock... It was so lovely of him to take such an interest in persecuting... I mean protecting the world from "The Gay"

    Dear MJ

    I believe that Mr Beastie developed his remarkable talents with fruit in his earlier days... yes...

  7. Dear Leni

    "The Gay" can often be found lurking in a closet...

  8. Ha! Ha!

    Thank goodness for these tips! It would appear that one can never have too many fruits around to enjoy!

  9. With my hedonistic gay lifestyle consisting of stage musicals, visiting antique shops and 24 hour popper fuelled bath houses, it's a wonder I have time to blog.