Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Just Another Night at "The Palais"......

Do you Trust Me?...

Why....Implicitly Dhaaarlings....


  1. You certainly are limber!

    And what a dramatic ending!

  2. It's sort of like the disco/bar scene in Airplane!

    Oh Hai MJ!

  3. WOW Princess, what an amazing show tonight at the Palais!
    This lady looks like she was made of jelly! I don't want to think where has she landed!

  4. CARAMBA! Speak about trust ... when they did the first swirling around I thought she'd smack her head into the ground. Stunning performance, great skills. Known in Europe as "Apachen Tanz".

  5. She was really good! Too bad for her that they chucked her through that window thingy.


  6. Dear MJ

    It is a great clip...I thought she was going to hit the wall at the end there for a moment...

    Dear XL

    Ha.. that bought back memories

    Dear Leni

    I'm pretty sure that her bed was waiting behind the curtain...She did look quite exhausted by the end of all that thowing around..

    Dear Mago

    The last time I did trust exercises they were nothing like this!

    To be so fearless and able to allow your partners to do what they do and to know that you are safe in their hands must be an amazing feeling.... quite an amazing woman...

    Dear Pete

    I believe that last move is called "Putting out the cat"

    *ducks to avoid the Wrath of XL*