Monday, September 20, 2010

Princess' Patch.... An Update....

Hello Dhaarlings

Remember this?...
It was the beginnings of a potato patch

Prior to preparation and planting....

Well now it's looking like this...

The other day I was telling Boxer I'd been busy making Marmalade and Strawberry Jam after she had been busy making "Sugar Hits"

So here are some Photos of the finished Product

And the silver beet is taking off at a great rate of knots

As is the Broccoli...

And the lettuce and sno peas...

The lettuce will need thinning out very soon...

Dont you just love Spring....?


  1. I like your above-ground planters, really saves the back!

    Mmmmm, jam and marmalade!

  2. Oh, yes, one loves spring.

    Shame it's autumn here, though. Still, we're getting our veg patch sorted out too. It needs a lot of tidying so it'll be ready for spring.

    Good work, Princess.

  3. Creole Lady Marmalade! I'm glad to see spring has finally sprung at your end. What lovely purple heads in the second pic.

  4. It's still summer here in the Colonies.

    I don't know WHAT time zone IVD is presently inhabiting.

  5. I'm impressed, dear Princess. I could not tell apart one green thing from the other green thing.

  6. I noticed you used both terms, so could you explain to a silly Dane such as myself the difference between jam and marmalade?


  7. Dear Xl
    The bathtubs have been a boon for the back. Not so many days spent in pain recovering from working in the garden...

  8. Dear Eros

    Autumn can have its own delights... changing colours leaves dropping cool mornings and seeing the garden wind down for the approaching winter....

  9. Dear Mitzi

    The purple heads I find are always a welcome burst of colour after an absence over the winter months...

  10. Dear MJ
    Well make the most of your summer as I believe that it gets quite cool around your parts during winter...

  11. Dear Mago

    Sometimes I have to refer to my books when I'm not sure myself...
    One green thing can look like another geen thing even when they seem quite familiar in their shape.
    I remember when i was a budding gardener caring for a potplant that had self sewn. I would water it everyday and make sure it got enough sun for weeks while it grew.
    I was convinced that I was nurturing a tomato plant... it had started to flower and all.

    Imagine my horror when my "greenthumbed" grandmother arrived over and promptly ripped the plant from its pot. Informing me that I had been growing a poisonous weed....

  12. Dear Pete,

    Preserves made from citrus fruits like oranges,lemons,cumquats are usually quite bitter to the pallet with a sweet after taste and are called marmalade.

    Berries like strawberries, blackberries, rasberries and most stone fruits like apricots peaches plums and nectarines can be made into Jam... which tastes sweet to the pallet and should encapsulate the concentrated flavour of the fruit used...

    Both Marmalade and Jam are made using similar methods with the other main ingredients being sugar which acts as a natural preservative and pectin which acts as a setting agent.
    Quantities and ratios of fruit to sugar vary but all usually end up to be a delicious treat...
    I hope that this helps with differentiation of the two...

  13. There's the Book of Marmelade, and despite the fact that it won the Diagram Price 1984, it's a serious book, I have it somewhere around.

    Dear Princess, poisonous means dangerous, yes ... but as always the amount makes the poison, sorry i am too tired for the correct latin version now. maybe the plant is somehow useful, most are. I really regret that I have no knowledge about flowers, herbs and vegetables, it kind a stopped with my mother.

  14. Thanks darling! I had no idea and now I do.

  15. Beautiful work, Princess! Just utterly fantastic that you've a gift for growing these plants and making your own jams and preserves!

  16. Dear Pete...
    You are very welcome my dear...

    Dear Eros,

    Thank you you wonderful person. You have a way of say'n the nicest things...

    Stay tuned for more "garden gallavanting" as i have just planted out some rasberries and blackberry vines and a fig tree... all with future jam days in mind.

    Dear Mago

    The plant that i was lovingly caring for was deadly Deadly Nightshade

    But my gran didn't explain at the time...
    Thank you for the link to the book.
    I will check out some old second hand book shops...