Saturday, September 4, 2010

It never Rains....

 Hello Dhaarlings

Have you seen My new Swimming Pool?...

The tree branch has been removed but....

Over 30 mls /1 inch of rain over night and this is what I awoke to....

A new water instillation....

Isn't it just divine Dhaaarlings?

Does anyone have a spare snorkel?


  1. Is this standing water on the palace grounds or overflow from a nearby waterway?

    wv: sapho !!!

  2. Dear Xl

    It is fortunately standing water but most of which comes from the vacant elevated housing blocks next door and behind us. The palais grounds are 8-10 foot below the surrounding properties. We are at the original ground level with surrounding properties having been filled and elevated illegally years unscrupulous property developers.

  3. Oh, that's horrible! That could easily damage your home as well.

    Do you have any recourse to file a complaint with the city to force the owners to correct it? That's gotta be a building code violation!

    Failing that, lawyer up and sue the mofos?

  4. Oh my, poor garden!
    I hope things get better soon, otherwise you'll have a picnic in the swimming pool!

    What happens to the Palais happens quite often over here, in the South Sandwich Islands, even worse: houses illegally built on dry torrent banks. They're dry for years but one fine day hard rains fall and the floods sweep away everything they find on their way. But the illegal builders never get caught!

    Oh Hai, XL!

  5. We're getting remnants of a tropical storm that's covering our skies for the next few days, so I've got some swimming pools of my own developing in the parking lot.

    I hope all that water helps your garden blossom!

    I'll see to it that David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson are running over to do some lifeguarding at your new pool!