Wednesday, September 8, 2010

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 Hello Dhaarlings...

It's Movie Clip Wednesday again... Goodness... Where did that week go?..

And this weeks theme from Milk River Madman for Wednesday 8th September 2010 is...

"Movie that Became a TV Series"

I really like Jeff Bridges in movies so went with "Starman" as my chioice... I liked the movie given it's connection to the voyager program that at the time I though was "another great step for man" as it held that "what if?" factor for me, until I saw the Star Trek episode starring "Vegu" The metalic life form that had taught itself to think... and wanted to destroy mankind...
OK... so I'm not a Trekkie....Kick my ass if i got the details wrong...Live Long and Prosper and all that...

Here's the Trailer from the Movie...

And the TV show... Well I don't remember much about it to be totally honest... Sure the lead actor is cute but apart from that I don't have any stand out memories of the show dispite wracking my brain for evidence that I actually saw it... The cute lead was probably in some other show that grabbed my attention..

Perhaps this will jog your memory and you can fill me in on the detail....

Did that Help?

Happy MCW...


  1. Princess, this was an awesome movie. I thought Bridges was totally screwed out of an Oscar. Great choice. I do like a LOT of people. Just not the president of my beloved nation. It happens.

  2. I remember Starman! Never did find out how the series ended.

    I have a few fave tv series that started off from movies. Buffy the Vampire Slayer tv series was so much better than the movie. And I luved the spin off Angel!

  3. Good afternoon Princess,

    I remember really enjoying the movie but I never saw the television show.

    Have a great clip day.

  4. It brings memories of the past: I used to see Starman's TV show! And jst like Eros, I loved 'Angel', more than Buffy!

    PS.- About the picture 'Colourful creations' you posted some days ago: the name of the village is Cinque Terre, in Italy. But the houses are not so colourful in reality. Positano is another beautiful and picturesque little coastal town. You must go there!

  5. Hi Madman
    Bridges was robbed...He deserved better.

    Hi Eros

    I can only recall bits an pieces of the Tv show. But like you i thioght Angel was a better spin off than Buffy.

  6. Hi Karl
    The movie was better than the series I think so you haven't missed much... your choice of Topper this week was a real blast from the past... thankyou...

    Hi Leni
    I thought angel was better than buffy too... possibly because it appealed to an older? more mature audience...

    Regarding the photo I thought that it may have been photoshopped a little but still loved the colours.

    Mitzi left a comment saying that she had visited this town "Cinque Terre" once on a cruise and that it did'nt appear as colourful then either...
    I have seen pictures around the greek islands with all those stunningly white washed villas overlooking brilliant azure seas, clinging to the rocks like limpets. I'd love to see them for real one day... I'm about to OOgle for the other town that you mentioned it does sound interesting...

  7. Oh Leni
    "Positano" is just beautiful.
    the colours more pastel and subtle,
    thankyou for the suggestion it has been added to my "hope list" of places to visit...Thankyou.XXX