Wednesday, September 15, 2010

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Hello Dhaarlings...
It's Movie Clip Wednesday again and this weeks theme for...
 Wednesday 15th September 2010
As posed by "MilkRiver Madman" Our most respected host

"Who is the best actor of your lifetime?"

Well once again... this poser has caused me much consternation as at present I believe that I am still participaiting in my lifetime... until I'm told otherwise... and given that I am still on that wonderful journey I was concerned about prospective future actors that may... over time... become my new favourites.
And one of these yet unknown actors may well indeed become my best.
As it turned out i just couldn't decide.

So here is a selection of the 100 best actors that I have seen on the screen during my current lifetime.

I'll let you choose...

Have Fun now... won't you?...

Happy MCW..


  1. Isn't that a wonderful photo of Orson Welles at #38? Hopefully tonight I will have a dream of being at a cocktail party with all 100 attending.

  2. Hi Hayward

    There are some marvelous pics among them but.... yes the one of Orson is great.
    They're all here at the palais so help yoursef to a cocktail and mingle....

  3. intriguing list, sugar! minor dispute re some of the placements, but overall, i'd agree! i did love the studio photos. ;~D xoxoxoxo

  4. That was so much fun! I watched the whole thing. I have to say, of those there, Gary Oldman is my fave. But Gregory Peck and James Dean are close.

  5. Blogger ate my long comment!

    Loving the music and the pictures! Great way to spend my teabreak x

  6. Dear Savannah

    I thought that people might dis/agree with the list... but I think that is part of the fun...

    There are some that surprised me at even making it and others that were missing. But hey... out of 100actors... you've pretty much covered the history of moving pictures leading men...

  7. Dear Mago

    Yes it was a difficult choice and thats why i'm still thinking about it, and in the end left it open for others to decide....

  8. Dear Leah

    My problem is that i like too many of them to make a choice... I love James Dean...Its a shame that he did'nt hang around to prove just ho good he could have been...

  9. Dear Joanna

    blogger is well known for creatively eating comments...the same thing has happened here, but I think sometimes it's because I use the preview option read it through edit then forget to click post....silly Princess.

    I think it was the music that really drew me to this clip... there were other shorter ones but hey... If I'm going to look at talented and goodlooking men i want to take my time...

    I'll pop over tomorrow and visit your post...I've had a very busy day today...Happy MCW..

  10. Ok, I'll have to come back and watch the entire thing tonight. I'm on a granola/coffee break and love what you did here. And the list (90-100) and (1-16) are what I watched, looked pretty good. Will have to watch the complete list before I get all bent. Thanks for playing and happy MCW

  11. It's hard to pick a greatest actor when there are so many great actors out there...

    But if I had to pick one that I'm familiar with in my current life, I'd say Tom Hanks is up there for his many great roles. I think that Elijah Woods is another amazing young actor--I remember his stand out performance in Paradise (1991)and The Good Son (1993) long before he was Frodo!

    But like you, Princess, I, too, believe that there are so many talented up and coming people out there, and we are all the more rich for having them entertain us and inspires us with their incredible talent.

  12. Dear Eros

    I agree with you the list I found was fairly "Old Hollywood" but like you i hold hope for the just never know when the next Jimmy Dean will appear...Oh hang on... I think i caught a glimpse of him in Heath Ledger for a moment...cest la vie..