Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Quickie......

I dont know what to wear Dhaarlings....

But I do like Red...


  1. Magic frustrates me. Because on one hand I don't care how they do it and on the other hand I still can't help but wonder.

    The dancing was great (watching it on a grainy iPhone YouTube he also looked quite attractive but I could be wrong) although I can't help but think that the red hat by the end was a bit much.

  2. Hi Pete i hope your birthday was a real hoot.
    the red hat is a bit over the top but i'm just wondering how they do it? But if i knew that then i suppose that i wouldn't get such a kick out of watching it happen...

    where are all the frocks hidden?

  3. One of those outfits would look good in the Infomaniac Polka Dot Room.

  4. And all the rest would look good in flames!

  5. Hello MJ

    That's right! I was wondering where the little polkadot number would look good...It's all comming back to me now...the polkadot room at Chez Infomaniac...I shall send a houseboy over with it directly..

    Dear Mr DeVice,
    I'm lighting a match as we speak....

  6. I don't care for magic as a rule, but this thrilled me. Wear them all dear!

  7. Thank you for your sound advice Mitzi tho I doubt that I'd be as quick as either of them to change...

    Exactly Dear Mago Exactly...

  8. It's not magic. It's a miracle! A woman who can change outfits and ready to go out in less than an hour!

  9. Dear Eros

    Yes... I was quite astounded...

    But it may take her another hour to find the right jewelery and matching handbag..

  10. The shoes ... ach ...