Friday, October 1, 2010

Time for a Break?...

Jailbreak that is...
Make yourself comfortable...
Sit back and relax
And purely enjoy it Dhaarlings...


  1. Have a wonderful weekend! It's a long weekend there, right?

  2. Oh please magic guard, blow me next! I want to be hot and muscular too.

  3. lovely & delicious! ;~) xoxoxoxox

  4. I thought that was a young Terence Stamp for a moment.

  5. Hi Xl

    Not a long weekend but a very long week awaiting the repeat of the AFL Grand Final. The Cats didnt't make it but Collingwood (the team everyone loves to hate) and Saint Kilda drew last saturday.
    It has only happened 3 times in the history of the game..
    As for my weekend i'll be off to the local orchid show...There is something quite stimulating about the sexual organs of plants.


    Oh Hayward... you are a very naughty read my mind.

    Hang on... that means.... we are both naughty boys... Sweeet!

    Dear Savannah

    I'm very glad that you enjoyed the feast....For the eyes.

    Dear MJ

    I can see the resemblance and he is not that dissimilar in hs ability with a pair of silks...

  6. I am a Cats supporter:

    1. Like their logo.
    2. Hope to live in Geelong some day.

  7. I saw The Cirque du Soleil some years ago doing this aerial dance -though the dancer was a girl and her dance was equally amazing!-. I loved it!

    Have a hell of a good time on the weekend!

  8. Three words: om nom nom.

    He can swing above my bed any night...or day.

    Have a great weekend my darling.

  9. Dear Leni

    I saw cirqe du soliel out here in perth. I was just spellbound throughout the whole show.

    Dear Roses

    He would look good hanging around anywhere.
    you have a good weekend too!

  10. Gorgeous!

    On a completely unrelated note, I caught a couple of minutes of a programme called Surf Control. It follows Aussie lifeguards (and WOW my compliments!) but why must they wear these unflattering hats that look like they belong on a kids show.

    It's very distracting.

  11. Dear Pete

    Here the show is called "Bondi Surf Patrol"
    filmed on Bondi Beach in Sydney.

    The hats... although distracting dhaarling... are worn for safety reasons so that the lifeguard guard be seen while in the water by his mates on shore keeping an eye on him....

  12. That magic guard should be fired! He let the prisoner escape! Who hired him?

  13. I don't think it's the same show we are talking about, but the hat issue is definately also present at Bondi. I've seen the show with Jonno and the gang at Bondi, but this show is different. They do clips from all kinds of beaches like Guttamarra and Kananwacka or something to that effect.

    Thanks for clearing up the issue of the hats though. Strange they don't wear them in the US.