Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Now Showing at "The Palais"

Hello Dhaaarlings ....

I've been so busy in the garden this week I almost forgot it was
Movie Clip Wednesday...

This weeks theme from Milk River Madman is...

"Favourite Foreign Actor"

And once again I have had a little trouble settling on just one actor.
Yet... being from Australia... I guess that any actor from overseas would count.
I have decided on choosing...
The boys from the "Monty Python" crew and as they are Poms, they count as foreigners in my book...

A  more talented bunch of funny bastards you will never find.
It was not because of their acting skills but dispite them that these movies worked and the fact that each actor had several character roles to play in each scene. I think that this skill alone is one that deserves kudos in itself.

John Cleese , Eric Idle,  Michael Palin, Graham Chapman, Terry Gilliam
and Terry Jones.
No matter how many times I watch these movies...
I still piss myself laughing...

Happy Movie Clip Wednesday


  1. Mistress MJ has their complete body of work on DVD and never tires of watching them.

    Life of Brian is a particular favourite and when I'm feeling down I sing "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life."

  2. Hi MJ
    The boxed set! I'd love that one day... I love the Holy grail.
    "We want a shrubbery"....

  3. I.LOVE.THEM.!!!!!

    i haen't doen a movie clip wednesday in ages, sugar! i am glad you've kept up! xoxoxoxo

  4. Most excellent choice. The "Every Sperm is Sacred" skit is my most favorite bit of musical comedy of all time. Happy MCW!

  5. Actress Sue Jones-Davies who played Judith in The Life Of Brian became lady mayoress of Aberystwyth. It's not the first time that someone in public office has had their pubes on display to the general public. Glenda Jackson MP got them out in the film The Music Lovers. The things people will do for profit.

    My favourite foreign film actress has to be Toni Colette in Muriel's Wedding and Connie and Carla.

  6. Great work. I haven't watched any MP in years but they show up with some frequency here on MCW. Brits definately count as foreigners. It was a tough choice for me but now that you need a passport to get into Canada that makes them foreign. Happy MCW

  7. Hey Savannah.
    You can always re join the fun. i don't know of any rule that says you can't darli'n...
    Monty Python is timelessly irreverent and so anti PC...
    I guess that's why i just love them...

    Hi Moi
    Welcome to "The Palais"
    That is a classic sketch along with Mr Caruso at the restaurant...

    Happy MCW to you too...

  8. Dear Mitzi

    Judith isaacarriot was the first female bush i'd seen on the big screen an i must say it frightened the willies out of me...
    Displays of ones pubic hair I think is a pre requisite for most pollies these days.
    We have a Ginger PM and her 'eyebrows' are always up for discussion and... an oppositon leader that just loves to strut about in his Budgie smugglers....

    Toni Collette was great in both movies and may well get a mention in future MCW themes...
    And she's turning into a foreigner
    living and working mostly stateside these days...

    Hey Madman
    MJF was a cool choice. tho I thought you might have gone with Jackie Chan... When is Canada Closing it's border? I did'nt realise that you needed a passport now.

  9. Love the Pythons. I did consider John Cleese but not the whole troupe. The Meaning of Life was brilliant and I remember seeing it in the theater. I walked out of there crying I was laughing so much.

    Happy MCW!

  10. Good evening Princess,

    A perfect choice, Monty python is always good for a grin.

    I'm a bit late, hope you had a good clip day.