Monday, October 11, 2010

Getting Jiggy at "The Palais"

Some days it's just so difficult to get the staff to stay focused....

If only they were as energetic in their employ Dhaarlings...


  1. That was when my parents were young. I'm trying to imagine them doing that...

  2. You may need to switch the Palais coffee to decaf.

  3. Dear Xl

    I'm glad that you are only trying to imagine them Dancing...

    Dear Hayward

    Good idea...It's either that or start lacing the water with Valium....

  4. What a fun clip! Great dancing!

    Perhaps you ought to tie some feather dusters to the workers' shoes. At least then they'll get some dusting done as they're twirling about.

  5. Dear Eros

    Sounds like the flying monkeys are still at CyberPetras celebrating his election to covendom... Instead of helping you with your dusting....

    The speed of some of the flips and footwork look downright dangerous.

    I went to a jazz club regularly and there were a few WW2 veteran couples that were now in their 70's still dancing away like in this clip... only not quite as fast or as atheletic but... while I would sit watching them on the dancefloor still cutting some fast moves.... I would try to imagine them as they might have been back in the day....They still had the moves...the attitude and the spirit for life... I t was so wonderful to see.

  6. Dear Princess,

    Please find attached a copy of my Curriculuum Vitae.

    You will find I'll be an excellent addition to your household.

    I promise I will try to keep the houseboys under control.

    Thank you,


  7. And you see, all I can think today is, monkey monkey underpants.

    It's been going on since Thursday and on Friday I managed to use it in conversation at work. I was most pleased.

  8. I#d like to have a copy of that cv ...

  9. Dear Roses

    Your CV is marvelous for someone with chronic addictions.
    Benzodiazepine?...shall I Tick it anyway?
    Innate ability to Party...Tick

    I think that just about meets all the criteria...

    Congratulations... the job is yours...
    If you can wrangle this lot you will be doing very well my dear....

    Dear Pete

    "Monkey Monkey Underpants"
    Now that is a pick up line i have never heard before.

    Sureley you meant to say "is that a banana in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?" ....Surely

  10. Woo Hoo! I'm packing my bags people.

    Though, I'm sorry I try and pick addictions I can spell...benzodiazi...just can't manage it. I'll have to learn that one on the job.

  11. Dear Mago

    You will have to discuss procurement of the CV with Dear Roses....

    Not a problem Roses,
    There are several addictions that I have trouble spelling too.... but i'm sure you will get up to speed soon enough with this lot....

  12. Love the Lindyhop!!
    I can spell all of my addictions. Most of them only have four letters.

  13. Dear Miss Scarlet

    Buns? Baps? Cake? Wine? Beer? Smeg?
    Bush? or Love?

    Thank you for is always such a pleasure....XXX

  14. ...all the above and a few more besides...