Saturday, October 2, 2010

"Now Here's Something with Balls"...


Have you met my new Events Manager?...

Just try keeping your eyes on his balls...


  1. Would it be entirely inappropriate to say I'd like to lick your new event manager and his balls?

    Excuse me, his ball control had me drooling, I'll just go mop my chin.

  2. Hell ... this performance realy is on an exceptional level! What a well done number! What a body! What a control!

    Its a real long time since I saw circus or varietee. Thank you, dear Princess.

  3. * slip *

    * slide *

    * crash! *

    Roses, dear, you missed a bit.

  4. Oops.

    *grabs mop*

    Ahh....I don't think this is all me.

    *places box of tissues next to screen for IDV*

  5. This is so inappropriate. There are kids watching this reject from Geri Halliwells Bag It Up video play with his little balls.

    This would fit in rather well at any strip club in Castro, San Francisco.

    My compliments my darrrrrling.

  6. *Skips into room sliding on to arse in puddles of drool...well i hope it's only drool and a still happily clapping Mago...*
    What the hell have you all been doing?

    Roses?... Mr Device?...

    Have you both been Hypersalivating all over my new event manager?

    You have haven't you....his costume is all moistened with drool.

    Oh good...I see that you have found the mops and please...before I forget... pop one of these on. As apparently the tissues are not working at all.

    Dear Mago

    He posesses exempilary ball handling skills, and they are only with his own...
    Glad that you enjoyed the entertainment. you know that you are always welcome here..

    Dear Pete

    That is exactly what he'd written in his CV. "I worked for that miss Halliwell and stripped on castro for a while, until I found my balls"

  7. He's certainly an expert at playing with his balls!

    Fantastic performance!