Saturday, October 16, 2010

Please Explaaaain...

I just don't understand...

If you can interpret this sign for me....
I would be most greatful... I'd hate to think I was doing something inappropriate...


  1. I'm guessing the sign came from the foyer over at Infomaniac!

  2. Well, not rubbing against the wall is a fairly straightforward instruction unless you're a bear with an itch.

  3. Just don't mix your drink.

  4. So vomitting on the furniture, the walls and the curtains, is allowed?

    I sure as hell don't want to be handling chewing gum, chewed by someone else.

    'never join to the stage'? Is this a raw chicken moment?

  5. You can join yourself to the stage with superglue, BUT do not use chewing gum.

  6. Xl..Shhh don't tell MJ!

    Dear Gorilla Bananas
    Welcome to "The Palais"
    That bit about rubbing up against the wall was the only thing I did understand...

    Thank you Mago
    Very sound advice...

    Dear Roses

    I figured that was the deal with vomiting... so I aimed for the walls...
    Unfortunately the place ended up looking like the Cheese room at MJ's....

    *makes note to self... install vomitorium..*

    Thank you Scarlet

    Always carry super glue as one never knows when one might happen upon a sticky moment.

    Best to be prepared...

  7. I'm rubbing my gusset as I type.

  8. Dear Mitzi

    What!? ... Is your regular gusset rubber having the day off or something?