Thursday, October 21, 2010

Potato Princess...

Hello Dhaarlings...

Spring Has Sprung and I've been busy in my Garden...
The Potato Patch just seems to be getting bigger and bigger every time I get out in the garden...
You may recall that it started out like this....

Some old car tyres and and a bag of seed potatoes...

Which turned into this...

And then to this..

And now looks like this ....

And this week I have been planting out more potatoes
 down in the back corner of the garden

Here is spud patch one... replete with Japala Pumpkin seedlings...
(You may have to embiggerate the pic to see them)

Along with some Butternut and Golden Nugget Pumpkin seeds...
 which are as yet... to poke through the top soil.

And here is the second

Right over in the very back corner to the right is Patch Two

 And then along in front of the Climbing Roses I've planted out

Two different varieties of Rasberry...

And a Thornless Blackberry... 

I'm looking forward to seeing if they crop in the Summer this year...

I just love berries...
Don't You?...


  1. I love raspberries and gooseberries. I'm not keen on dingleberries though.

  2. What a berry interesting post.

  3. Berries? I'll make some ice cream!

    Oh Hai MJ!

  4. Oh Hai XL!

    How berry nice to see you!

  5. Oh, MJ. I didn't hear you come back in. I was listening to my new Berry Manilow CD!

  6. Oh that's quite alright.

    I was listening to Berry White.

  7. Dear Mitzi
    Dingleberries can be quite difficult to cultivate requiring specific conditions and regular scraping... Much like barnacles...

    Dear MJ and Xl
    How berry amusing...Let me play a little something while we are all in the mood...

  8. Oh hai XL and MJ.

    What I'd give to walk around your garden right now. I bet it's a damned sight warmed there than it is here. Brrrr....

    I love raspberries :-P'''''

  9. Good evening Princess,

    Planting in tires what a neat idea. Have you ever noticed any taste of rubber in the potatoes?

    My potatoes last year (they were in raised beds) were grand and leafy on the surface, yet the potatoes tended to be small. Any suggestions?

  10. Hi Roses
    Your more than welcome to take a stroll...I plan on posting every so often with an update or a pic of something in bloom.
    It's been almost 12 months since I had the disc removed in my neck and I'm feeling really good and able to get back into the garden with much gusto.
    Have just redone one of the rose beds recently but am still waiting for the roses to bloom before posting a pick of it..
    The weather is warming up here and after the rain the weeds have gone crazy..

  11. Hi Karl
    I cant' answer your Question... as it is the first time that i have grown potatoes anywhere let alone in old tyres... Though my Grandfther and an uncle have grown them in tyres for years without any noticable change to the taste.

    Regarding the size again... I'm at a loss.. Perhaps consulting a manual may shed some light on the reason for them being smaller. Like i said I'm a novice and am waiting to see if the experiment works.
    I'll post updates regularly and we can compare notes.
    I'll do some research this end regarding problems with size...

  12. Princess,

    I've talked to a few folks, that suggested, I allowed the plants to get too big and leafy. They suggested cutting back the leafy part of the plant and the flowers. I will try this next year. And I look forward reading to how potatoes turnout.

  13. Hi Karl
    I've been doing some research.
    Over feeding can cause lots of leafy growth and hamper the development of the tubers. Particularly if a feed high in nitrogen is used.
    According to my Readers Digest "Illistrated guide to gardening" a Pre Planting Fertiliser with a N P K ratio of 5:7:4 should be scattered in the furrow and covered with a 5 cm layer (2 inch) soil prior to planting the seed potatoes.
    That's about the best I can do for now... Hope it helps.

  14. Thanx Damien
    I appreciate your comment mate.