Wednesday, October 6, 2010

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Hello Dhaaarlings..

It's that time of the week again when everyone that want's to participate picks a short movie clip related to the theme picked by our current host over at 'Crown on the Rocks'
Visit Madman at the link below and let him know that you are participating with a post on your Blog in the comment section.
Try to keep the clips shortish (to around 3 minutes...something I almost always fail on) and tell us a little about why you chose the clip to share with us.

And this weeks theme for Wednesday October 6th 2010 from


 "Favorite black and white movie"
I love the old silent Charlie Chaplin Movies and my favourite of all time has to be
 "The Kid"
 Starring Chaplin and a very young Jackie Coogan..I just love the dynamics of the on screen relationship of the two and the mischief that the kid gets up to... it never fails to make me laugh.

While I was looking for clips of "The Kid" I stumbled across a clip from the movie "Fashion of 1934"
Starring William Powel and Bette Davis 

Childhood memories came flooding back... I had completely forgotten about this movie until I saw this scene again today. 
It must have been when I was about 4 or 5 years old and remembered watching this scene on TV and being mesmerised by the "Living Harp Ladies"

I remember thinking that I would like to grow up and have one of them... and learn to play it but then thought..What would a harp lady eat?...

And then all these pretty ladies with white hair..dressed in their bathers that looked like what some of the ladies wore at the beach... only prettier... started to dance and wave big feathery fans about... I sat spellbound.

 I knew then what I really wanted.
I wanted my own set of feather fans...
I don't remember how the movie ended as I didn't hang about to find out.

I ran over to my Nanna's place across the paddock and collected all the Chicken feathers that I could find in the Chook yard.
She asked me what I wanted them for and I remember telling her
"Oh I'm just making something"...
I raced back home and found some 'Play Dough' and broke off two lumps and rolled them into balls. I stuck the feathers into the dough in a line like I'd seen and made myself a pair of feather fans.
I practiced the moves like the ladies on the TV... waving them about and spinning around.
I was still dancing around with them when my Dad came home from work.
He asked me if I was trying to fly.
Of course I told him yes... I didn't want him to think I was a sissy...
 But the truth was I was really trying to be one of those pretty ladies dancing with their fans

And finally... here is a montage of quickies from all sorts of Genre's

Oh.. and I forgot to mention my other all time favourite Black and White movie

Hitchcocks' "Psycho"

Happy Movie Clip Wednesday.


  1. Did you know I’m a Busby Berkeley fan?

  2. Dear MJ

    No I did't... but guessed that you might be a fan of the Buzz...
    Great routines and all those clever overhead shots and wonderful costumes.

  3. Almost all of Marlene's films were B&W, so I can't pick just one!

  4. I like how the kid knew the right size windows to break. Only in the movies. And good recovery with that flying story for your dad there Icarus. Bwahahaha

    Happy MCW!

  5. Princess, you always bring such great flicks to the table. Just fun to watch all of them.

  6. I'd love a couple of those harp ladies in my front room, I'd charge men £50 a time to come in and pluck them.