Monday, October 4, 2010

Flying Monkey Alert.

Hello Dhaarlings...

I was just on my way through to check out my latest purchases for the new orchidarium

When my progress was suddenly bought to a mesmerising halt.

Flying Monkeys had been unleashed within The Palais...

And hoards of guests had arrived without my knowlwdge

So....After seeing to the guests leave...

I just had to book the cheeky monkeys for a private performance...


  1. Once you're done, could you be a dear and send them over here please.

  2. I have seen several Cirque du Soleil shows. The performances are sort of melded into one thing now, so I can't really remember which performance went with which show. All are so amazing to see.

    Oh Hai Pete!

  3. Ooh flying monkeys. I'm so glad pigs don't fly.

    Oh Hai XL, Pete,

  4. Oh for Heaven's Sake!

    I just cleaned up!

    My Boy just walked in and wiped my chin.

    *puts bib on and gets the mop out*

  5. No wonder the Wicked Witch of the West was so pissed off in the Wizard of Oz. Her flying monkeys weren't top of the line like these ones.

    When CP is done with them, send 'em over my way. I don't need them to put on a special performance. I've got blinds and shelves that need to be dusted, and those feathered headbands will come in handy.

  6. Acrobats bore the shit out of me. The same goes for stilt walkers, jugglers, diablo, fire eaters and gobshite escapologists who make you test their chains. Go into York on a busy Saturday afternoon and there you'll see a man riding a unicycle wearing a top hat, with a crowd milled around him whopping and cheering.

  7. Dear Pete
    Sorry for the delay in response but they have been keeping me very occupied. It took some serious cajolling but they are willing to come for a visit now.

    Dear Xl

    I saw one of their productions when I visiting family in Perth about 10 years ago now. The acts just seem to get better and more daring over the years. I had never heard of them til i saw the show. And since have become a fan.

    Dear ayeM8ty

    Yes...Pigs and Cows thankfully do not leave the ground, unless of course they are shot from a cannon!...

    Dear Roses

    That boy of yours is a kind and caring soul. I am glad that you are finding the bib helpful.

    Dear Eros

    I'm sending them over to Pete's as we speak... I don't know if they will still be up to any manual labour by the time he's finished with them though... You know how demanding he can be...

    Dear Mitzi

    You wern't looking close enough at the man on the unicycle dhaaarling... The crowd whoops and cheers everytime he removes the seat from his arse...