Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Now Showing At "The Palais"

 Movie Clip Wednesday is still being graciously hosted by Milk River Madman
And as he's doing such a fine job of it...
Boxer has gone off till some time in September for a little well earned Battery Recharge and left him at the helm.

This weeks theme for Wednesday September 1st 2010 is...

"Best SNL Spin off"

Once I oogled SNL and discovered that it was an American TV Program
that I didn't get to see much of...
Being a foreigner and all... and not getting those moving picture boxes til more recently... I re oogled and discovered that infact I was familiar with many of the Spinoff Programs and Movies built around a wild array of characters originating from characters on the program...
In fact... When i checked I had several of the DVD's adorning my collection...

My favourite of which is...
A movie Spin off about a good catholic schoolgirl called
Played by Molly Shannon, Who's one aim in life is to become a Superstar so that she can get a kiss from school dream boat Sky Corrigan (Will Farrell)

Mary is an orphan , her parents having been eaten by "Hammerhead Sharks"... and lives with her Grandmother (the delightful Glenys Johns)

Who is less than supportive of Mary's Quest for Superstardom.
Dispite this... Mary continues on her journey and assisted by the rest of the "Special Ed" Class... of which she has now become a member... convinces them to join her in attempting to win the talent show and reaching her dream.
Here is a trailer of the movie and some extra clips that I really find funny
And Remember....

"You are your own rainbow"..


Happy MCW..


  1. Good morning Princess,

    I didn't realize that there were actually SNL productions your movie is the first I've seen with that label.

    Enjoy your clip day!

  2. I only watched a few of the shows, never the movies.

    I heard Dame Betty White is hosting one show and that I must see. She's divine!

  3. I can read from your link that in the episodes the show hosted Christopher Walken, Jerry Seinfeld, Mike Myers and Gabriel Byrne, among other celebrities!

    The videos are very funny, they made me smile a lot (especially 'you're horrible!'). Reminds me a bit of 'Betty the Ugly', but this one girl has more charm.

  4. I love Mary Katherine Ghallager!

    "Sometimes I like to put my hands in my armpits and then smell them".

    BTW she is my aunt Margaret.

  5. Bwahahahahaha. You picked one of my favorite movies. I still go into a lunge, put my hands up in the hair and say "Supa-Star" whenever I do something truly stupid. I was interested to see what someone would pick if they didn't know the show and you did a great job.

    Happy MCW!

  6. Karl
    I didn't know they existed either but then, we didn't get a lot of the original programming here until pay TV arrived...

    Dear Pete

    I think Betty was up for an emmy for her hosting stint on SNL...


    I was really surprised to find this movie on my shelf that fit this weeks theme! Molly's character of Mary is very funny, as she is such a quirk of nature.
    SNL is an interesting show from the point that it has had many hosts and gueat hosts over the years and has been a real proving-ground and launch pad for many great comedians.

    Mr Pirate

    I want to meet you Aunt Margaret!
    I had an uncle Margaret who's funniest line was "here kid.. pull this finger..."


    Glad that I could provide you with a blast from the past.
    I love Glenys Johns' line as she is about to go up to bed "Well I'm off" As the stairclimber reaches break neck snails pace, as it ascends the stair case. And the wacky fundraiser themes of Evian.."your parents named you after bottled water!" and her cliique.

  7. This was a funny movie.

    @Boxer, one of my best friends does the same "Supa Star" pose when he celebrates.

    My fave SNL spin off movie is Wayne's World! Luv the Bohemian Rhapsody scene!

  8. Yes, and I think she won an Emmy? Not sure though all the ones I wanted to win didn't.

  9. This is one I haven't seen. You have to wonder about a woman who's big ambition is to kiss Will Ferrell. Bwahahaha

    Happy MCW!

  10. Dear Eros
    Yes Madman made 'Waynes World' ineligable from this weeks MCW then realised that there were not too many other options but I think that everyone that played this week found something different, and no Blog jinxes.

    Mary Katherine Gallager is a very funny character with some very endearinig qualaties along with many many quirky and odd behaviours.. that make me laugh.

    The Super Star line and actions are just a perfect way to celebrate an achievement...

    The Bohemian Rhapsody Scene was terrific but then... I just love Queen....

    Dear Pete
    Yes... there were a few dissapointments with the awards but Betty White was a shoe in...

    Dear BuzzKill

    If you can find this movie have a look at it. It's good for a laugh...Just the fact that will farrel is the Love Intrest is hillarious....Playing a senior in highschool 20 yrs too late....